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What is a natural facelift?

What is a natural facelift?

According to a 2017 study, women spend an eye-watering £70,000 on their appearance over their lifetimes, and doctors are reporting a significant rise in the number of young women requesting Botox and similar treatments to make them look more like filtered versions of themselves. If you’re one of the millions of women unhappy with the way she looks, perhaps after noticing some visible signs of ageing, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, you might have considered a facelift to “turn back the clock” and regain your confidence.

However, going under the knife isn’t always the best solution. A study from the Medical Accident Group found that almost two thirds, 65%, stated that they ‘regret having cosmetic surgery’ – add in the risks associated with cosmetic procedures and spiralling costs, and it’s clear that women need an alternative. Enter Oralift, the device designed to help you achieve a natural facelift from the comfort of your own home. The best part? It’s just £219 ($295).

Below, we offer an introduction to the natural facelift device and share tips on getting started.


What is Oralift?

Before we delve deeper into natural facelifts, let us offer an introduction to Oralift. The device naturally rejuvenates your face from home, by wearing a mouthguard-type device for short periods. Following the same philosophy that exercise is the best form of natural medicine, the Oralift device manipulates your body’s natural ability to adapt, reinvigorating your face all without surgery, pain, chemicals, or injections, with long-lasting results you can depend on.

The science behind the natural facelift is simple: Oralift is an ongoing treatment that delivers noticeable results in as little as two weeks. When a user wears the Oralift device, their teeth are separated by a greater distance than their usual ‘freeway space’. This causes the muscles on the face to alter and, over time, alters their fibres and creates a new resting length and freeway space. This process involves greater protein activity, leading to more oxygen production in the facial muscles, which thus repairs damaged capillaries, triggering the body’s healing and rejuvenating process. Ongoing treatment can offer improvements to your appearance, ultimately slowing down the ageing of the face, though consistency is key.


Why Oralift offers the ultimate natural facelift

The chances are that you’ve seen a number of facial exercise devices on the market, and though some can assist in reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, Oralift takes a different approach. Rather than exercising your facial muscles, Oralift is focused on the process of adaptation, meaning people whose muscles are already overworked and those who have healthy, relaxed muscles will benefit from the treatment. Exercise can lead to an overworking of the facial muscles leading to a longer, fuller face, and dropping over time.

Oralift, on the other hand, tests the state of your muscles via a dedicated companion app and enables you to have an individually set programme that works for your circumstances.


The added benefits of our natural facelift programme

The Oralift natural facelift programme does what it says on the tin – mimics some of the benefits of a facelift but in a safer, more natural way, without the worry of harsh chemicals, needles, or surgery. Over time, Oralift users have reported a wide range of benefits, and as well as improvements to the appearance of your face, a range of health benefits have been reported.

Oralift users have reported that the natural facelift programme has brightened their eyes and reduced the appearance of bags, as well as reduce the appearance of lines around the mouth, eyes, and the face in general. Improved facial contours are also possible, as well as the reduction – and perhaps elimination – of headaches, as well as closed or repaired pores.

Some users have reported improved head posture as a result of using our mouthguard-like device, as well as an improved complexion and strengthening and firming of the jawline. A common side effect of 21st-century life, tech-neck, can also be improved using the Oralift.

Although the following need to be scientifically proven before they can be claimed, a number of health benefits have been reported by Oralift users, including an improvement to conditions such as asthma, respiratory issues, psoriasis, and temporomandibular disorders.


Ongoing support with your natural facelift device

One of the reasons why Oralift continues to grow in popularity around the world is because of our commitment to support and aftercare. The journey towards looking younger and more vibrant only begins when you start using Oralift – and we’re here to support you throughout your Oralift journey, whether you use our device for six months or the rest of your life. You’ll enjoy free aftercare from the Oralift team via our website, dedicated Facebook Group where Oralift users can share their stories, and the Oralift companion app, which is free on Android and iOS. Purchasing an Oralift Kit also grants you free, unlimited access to the app for life.

We want our users to know that they’re not alone; our success is your success. We believe in you and we believe in Oralift. That’s why we feature a growing number of success stories on our website from real women. We don’t airbrush or ask them to take professional photos – click here to see real-life accounts of peoples’ experience using Oralift, with non-professional photographs taken over a number of years to document their natural facelift progress.


Any questions about using the Oralift anti-ageing device? Click here to read our FAQs and don’t hesitate to reach out to our team, who will be delighted to assist you and help you on your own natural facelift journey. Check back to the blog soon for more details on Oralift. 

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