Real people. Real results.

Read the real life accounts of peoples’ experience with Oralift. These include genuine, non-professional photographs taken over a number of years.

Federica’s Story:

How it stopped her clenching habit.

Federica is a beautiful young mother who was concerned about her clenching habit. When she heard about Oralift, and how it could help her stop clenching, she thought she would give it a try. The results were very positive! Not only did Oralift help Federica with her clenching, her face became noticeably more radiant and vibrant.

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Sue’s Story:

Exciting long term results

Sue is one of our long term Oralift users. She was feeling quite low having separated from her long term partner and wanted something to give her a boost. She was adamant that she wanted a natural treatment and has been delighted at what Oralift has done for her.

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Wynne’s Story:

Long term result with Dentalfacelift and Oralift.

Wynne had been delighted with her Dentalfacelift treatment. Six years later she returned for some dental work and we explained that we were now doing another treatment, Oralift. When she realised it could have a similar anti ageing effect on the face, she decided to try this new alternative way to address the ageing process.

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Jane’s Story:

Oralift in USA

Jane Mann is from the USA and had the Dentalfacelift procedure in Las Vegas. Jane is an aesthetician and her interest in facial aesthetics made her think on the lines of creating an device that could help patients whose teeth did not need to be restored.

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Korean Story:

Story from the world’s beauty capital.

Korea is the beauty capital of the world and loves Oralift. This user is delighted with the results obtained after using Oralift for nearly 1 1/2 yrs

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