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Amazing Device

Two Devices.
One Amazing You.

Option 1

Oralift Basic

This is for those who are confident about following instructions without support.


This kit includes:

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Option 2

Oralift from a Trained Professional

Price may vary according to professional chosen

Option 3

This involves having Zoom support with a member of the team:


Oralift Original  –  Group Zoom Support at a fixed time on a fixed day


Oralift Premium  –  Zoom at each stage of your treatment on a 1-2-1 basis


Oralift Premium Plus  –  Zoom support at each stage of your treatment with a top team member including Dr Mohindra the founder


Track Your Progress

Keep track of your progress, monitoring your journey as you look better and better

If you are concerned about facial aging, the unique Oralift natural facelift device can help. It is achieved by wearing a mouthguard type device for short periods. Oralift is not an exercise device but works on the principle of the body’s natural ability to adapt and change.

We know chronological age can not be changed but healthy lifestyle changes can reverse biological age : see video below.

This magical health and beauty device  rejuvenates the face without surgery, pain, injections, or chemicals. All this for £219 ($295 USD) which is less than the average price of a single Botox injection and this will last you for years. Now with 1 year’s Zoom support

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