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Clenching &


Clenching or grinding of the teeth (bruxism) is a common activity that can occur both during the day and at night. Some prefer to split these concepts into separate behaviours while others group them together.


Grinding or bruxism involves moving the jaw with the teeth held together. This results in substantial visible wear and flattening of the teeth which is usually obvious both to dentist and patient. Clenching is simply holding the teeth together and tightening the jaw muscles. Clenching generally results in less obvious wear to the teeth but can still result in substantial muscular soreness, pain, and damage to the jaw joint 

Clenching or grinding while awake is especially common during periods of concentration, anger, or stress, and often occurs without a person being aware of it. Once a person is made aware of the habit, it can potentially be stopped or reduced. 




Night Time

Sleep bruxism is not under a person’s conscious control and usually occurs throughout the night during periods of arousal as a person goes from a deeper stage of sleep to a lighter stage of sleep. This pattern may be repeated many times during the night. Extreme forces can be generated by the jaws during clenching or grinding during sleep which can result in overuse of the jaw muscles – resulting in morning jaw pain or fatigue and jaw dysfunction.


Relationship between occlusion (or bite) and sleep bruxism has not been conclusively proven, adjustment of the bite by grinding the teeth or placement of crowns or onlays is not recommended. 


While a nightguard is highly effective, experts warn that sometimes they can worsen the problem, particularly if they are low-quality. Do mouthguards make jaw clenching worse?


Oralift and Clenching and Bruxism


Oralift teaches you not to make tooth contact as tooth contact is not necessary for normal function. When we chew food there is a mechanism that separates the teeth before teeth touch. Similarly, if we do a relaxed swallow with the tip of our teeth behind the front two teeth, tooth contact does not happen. If teeth do touch a message is sent to the brain. This trigger can counteract the trigger that starts night time bruxism. With Oralift stop /control your clenching and improve your face. Start the antiaging benefits of Oralift NOW


Lets look at some case histories

Claudia's story

Claudia’s pictures after 4 months show the change in her face shape has been maintained. Her eyes look less sunken and bigger and brighter. One interesting point is that after experiencing signs of overuse with the 5mm, she tried wearing it while meditating which had a very powerful, relaxing effect on her whole body. She plans on continuing to do this. Claudia’s Story – Treatment started 12th March 2021

Also listen to Claudia discussing her 4 month results with Dr Mohindra. Claudia Glows discusses her 4 months results with Dr Nick

Federica’s story

Federica came to Nick to try Oralift due to her bad clenching habits. Not only did her clenching disappear, but she experienced improvements to her skin, eyes, and even her lips and smile! Federica’s Story

Claire Johnston's story

After 4 months of use Clare says “I am particularly happy to see that my jawline has evened out – previously one side sat lower than the other. This is a great result for me. The most important aspect was that the TMD symptoms that I had suffered for over 10 years, disappeared practically overnight ” The improvement in symmetry is noticeable as the left side which was lower has lifted more than the right. The cheek on the left side was flatter and the muscles on the left side were lower as well. The nasolabial fold on the left side also does not look as deep as before. Changes are subtle but significant. Clare’s Story started 16th Feb 2023

Note from Oralift: We recommend if you suffer from TMD you should use it under the supervision of a dentist. We also do not recommend ‘Mewing’ as we feel it is a repetition of the same exercise and repetition can lead to side affects. 

What is Oralift?


Oralift is regarded as a general wellness product by the FDA and is patented worldwide

The Oralift device is a small mouthguard device that is worn for short periods of time with rest breaks. Oralift counteracts the harmful effects of aging and rejuvenates the face in addition to other health benefits. What is Oralift?

It comes with an app that helps you test the state of your facial, muscle, sets your individual wear programme and helps you monitor your progress. Tracking Your Success With Your App

What makes Oralift special?


  1. Releases the adaptive capability of any species to survive.
  2. Releases the ability to heal and repair.
  3. In the process look and feel better.

How it works:

Oralift leverages the adaptability of facial muscles, a concept well-established in orthodontics. Unlike other muscles in the body, facial muscles are unique and can adapt instantly. What is the adaptation process? It is just the metabolic or physiological adjustment within cells or tissues of an organism, triggered by an environmental stimulus. This leads to a better ability of the organism to cope with the changing environment. How It Works

About the Inventor

Meet Dr. Nick Mohindra, a man with a passion for pushing the boundaries in the dental profession and making a real impact. In 1996, his first paper was published in the esteemed British Dental Journal. His next medical breakthrough was the dental facelift technique, which could make people look up to 20 years younger. This work lead to the discovery of the ground breaking Oralift. Meanwhile, his sister had qualified as an optometrist in London and moved to the US to continue her studies and undertake research. Dr. Indra Mohindra went on to break new ground in her profession and became a Professor at the New England College of Optometry. Their unique story was published in NY Weekly, as seen below.

The Mohindra technique, developed by Dr. Indra Mohindra in 1975, is an alternative to cycloplegic retinoscopy in young patients and is widely used in optology. Following Dr. Indra’s recent passing, her brother, Dr. Nick Mohindra, aims to continue their legacy of innovation in wellness techniques. Their family’s journey from India to Kenya and then to Britain is recounted, with Dr. Nick pursuing dentistry and Dr. Indra optology. Dr. Indra’s move to the US for research at MIT and her international acclaim treating world leaders inspired Dr. Nick’s career path. He developed the Oralift natural facelift, a wellness product based on orthodontic principles, to reduce facial aging effects. The Oralift adjusts jaw position, leading to muscle adaptation and improved posture and circulation. Dr. Nick also developed an app to track Oralift progress and address user concerns. He sees his work as honoring his sister’s legacy and impacting patients worldwide.


“ Very few people actually do the hard work to really prove their ideas are right…Nick Mohindra’s story, to me, is the perfect example of how scientific publishing should work to the benefit of all concerned.” Dr. Mike Grace, Editor of the British Dental Journal.  Start of Journey

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