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The founder of the Dental Facelift

Meet Dr. Nick Mohindra, a man with a passion for pushing the boundaries in the dental profession and making a real impact. Driven by a desire to make a difference, Nick focused his attention on treating patients with facial pain and developed a theory about reduced facial height. In 1996, his first paper was published in the esteemed British Dental Journal, and just two years later, the Daily Mail ran a feature on his revolutionary dentures that could actually make you look younger.

Nick’s practice was soon inundated with inquiries about his unique treatment, which he called the ‘Dental Facelift.’ It was during this time that he discovered something incredible – the device he was using with his Dentalfacelift patients actually improved their appearance even before any dental work was done. And so, the innovative Oralift was born, with a trademark and patent to its name. Nick’s journey is a true testament to the power of passion and dedication in achieving groundbreaking results.

Why Not?

Listen to Dr Mohindra being interviewed by Dr. Payman Langroudi as part of his Dental Leaders Podcast series. We hear how Dr. Mohindra adopted a radical approach to a number of aspects of dentistry, but was always mindful of putting his research and findings on a scientific basis. Patient reported outcomes are now recognised as crucial to progress in science and this is what inspired him to open new doors.

A politician patient once remarked that Dr. Mohindra’s innovative thinking was worthy of a Nobel Prize!

Gum Disease

1980’s To control gum disease, Nick realised that floss had to be replaced by interproximal brush to achieve zero bleeding index.


1990’s Proved that in denture patients, lower facial height could be increased by much greater amounts than taught in dental books.

Dental Facelift

2000’s showed that increasing lower facial height could make people look up to 20 years younger.


2002 Discovered that with Oralift you do not have to do any invasive work on teeth to achieve the antiaging effect.

Health & Beauty

2005 Realised that Oralift in addition to the aesthetic benefits also had many health benefits.

Direct to public

Realised that Oralift could be become a DIY treatment with the accompanying App.

Nick and Fran Mohindra - Co-founders of Oralift

Nick and Fran

Oralift pioneer Nick Mohindra was born in India and moved to Kenya when he was 5 years old. In 1965 he went to Edinburgh to study dentistry where he met his wife Fran. Fran and Nick were married in London in 1971 where Nick was working as associate. Fran was working as a teacher and they had three children, two sons and a daughter..

In 1973 they bought their first dental practice in South Wales and Fran stopped teaching to help Nick run the business. Their professional plans were all mapped out at this point, but life had different plans in store

The Dental Facelift

Dr. Nick Mohindra’s innovative Dental Facelift procedure involves a technique known as “raising the bite,” which effectively increases the distance between the tip of the nose and the bottom of the chin, resulting in a more youthful appearance. This process triggers the facial muscles to adapt by lengthening and shortening accordingly, effectively reversing the signs of aging.

In order to achieve these results, patients with natural teeth will undergo a full procedure that includes the fitting of crowns or veneers that are slightly taller than their previous teeth. For denture patients, new dentures will need to be created at the increased height. A paper published in 2002 demonstrated that this treatment could make patients look anywhere from 5 to 20 years younger.

The success of this invasive procedure led to the development of the Oralift device, which provides similar benefits in a non-invasive manner.

Scientific Research

We are often asked why the Oralift device, which can provide amazing results without surgery or downtime, is not more widely adopted and why it isn’t offered by every major dentist and dermatologist. 

This question highlights a common issue where research evidence takes an average of 17 years to reach clinical practice. It’s taken 17 years for the Dentalfacelift technique to become popular since its initial research was published. 

However, with the advent of the internet and social media (the  paper on Oralift was published in 2018) , we are determined to accelerate the adoption of Oralift and ensure that it achieves the prominence it deserves in a much shorter time.

Oralift Worldwide

Our goal is to introduce Oralift as a global product, and we’re happy to see that it’s gaining acceptance in various countries. Italy was the first to embrace it, which is not surprising considering their renowned appreciation for aesthetics. Brazil, the fourth largest global beauty market, came next, but initially, the treatment was only available through dentists, who understandably prioritize dental health above all else. South Korea was the next to adopt Oralift, but their enthusiasm led to regulatory issues with their claims.

We’re now introducing Oralift to the United States, with plans to bring it to other countries as well. We’re committed to promoting the treatment ethically and at an affordable price so that everyone can benefit from this revolutionary procedure. It’s a wonderful advancement in anti-aging technology, and we believe that everyone should have access to it.

Nick's History

Learn about the man behind Oralift. Scroll to see the latest updates


Nick born in New Delhi

Moves to Kenya

Goes to Edinburgh University to study dentistry

Qualifies 1969

Marries Fran

They buy first practice in Aberdare, South Wales

Buys practice in Ashford Kent

Move initiated by son's illness

Submits first research paper to British Dental Journal

First paper published

Added Dimension Dentistry

Sets up Added Dimension Dentistry in London where Oralift developed

Dentalfacelift paper published

Starts collaboration with King's College Dental School.

Paper on Oralift published.

Nick retires from general practice to focus on launch of over the counter model of Oralift

Oralift Worldwide

The growth of Oralift is supported by the UK’s Department of International Trade

Funding Rejection

Innovate UK sadly turns down funding application, despite support from the Universities of Oxford and Birmingham.

Launch of DIY Oralift

Development of Oralift App makes it possible for Oralift to be available globally

Launches on Amazon

Lack of funding slows down growth. Could Amazon be the way to spread the word about this unique innovation?

Dental Leaders Podcast

"Nick lifts the lid on how it felt waiting for science to catch up with his razor sharp intuition"
Learn More

What's next?

Watch this space for the next phase of this unique better than "exercise" treatment! Oralift uses the adaptive power of the human body. Still so many more benefits to be uncovered

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