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It has been exciting to learn about the beauty culture in different countries, particularly South Korea which is regarded as number one in the beauty world

How South Korea became the Beauty Capital of the World.

Journalist Chemmie Squier describes her recent visit to check out the booming beauty scene in South Korea

“Before I visited South Korea, incidentally exactly this time last year, I knew it was a teeming hub of beauty. But it wasn’t until I visited Myeong-dong, one of South Korea’s biggest shopping districts, that I realised just how epic the beauty scene is there. There are streets and streets of cosmetics shops with shop assistants trying to temp you in and it wasn’t unusual to come across three of the same shop on one street, with the only difference being their size. I know my way around a Boots or a John Lewis, but the sheer magnitude of this was something else.”

Korean Skincare

Korean women are famous for their approach to skincare which often extends to as many as 18 steps in their skincare regime. They are also very careful to avoid the sun and if you visit the country, you will see many women using parasols.

Cosmetic surgery in Korea

Unfortunately, the importance of appearance extends to cosmetic surgery being widely accepted and you will also see adverts everywhere as well as high rise buildings full of cosmetic surgery clinics. Korea is the world’s plastic surgery capital and procedures such as eye lid surgery and jaw shaving to create a more Western look are very popular.

Oralift in Korea

Oralift is also proving popular in South Korea. We are told that the Koreans like the benefits it can provide to their skin, as well as help to correct asymmetry which is very important to them.

Oralift USA

We have always believed that the US would be our biggest market for a number of reasons, not least of all because the size of the antiaging market there is virtually limitless.

Last year Jane Mann a leading esthetician from Las Vegas came to see us in London to learn more about Oralift. Jane fell in love with the concept of Oralift and believed it could be the “ next big thing” in beauty in the USA. She explained how estheticians are adept at understanding facial structure and skin and would be a good fit to provide Oralift treatment. We believe that while the DIY kit will be very popular, there will always be those who would like the treatment from their trusted professional.

We have done a soft launch this year, mainly to Jane and her fellow estheticians’ followers.

We are now planning a major launch to make Oralift known and available throughout the US !

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