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How to use Oralift: what you need to know

How to use Oralift: what you need to know

Around the world, women are discovering the power of Oralift, the anti-ageing device that helps you turn back the clock, all without surgery. Consider it a silent anti-ageing revolution, if you will! If you’re concerned about facing ageing – let’s face it, those lines, wrinkles, and Crow’s Feet showing up on your face are never nice to look at – our natural facelift device could help, designed to be worn for short periods, with rest breaks in between. We believe that exercise is the best form of natural medicine, and we have developed a product that we believe is even better. It helps to activate the ‘forgotten muscles’ on your face to rejuvenate and reinvigorate.

Retailing for less than the average cost of one Botox injection, it’s natural to feel sceptical about the effectiveness of such a treatment. To help dispel the myths and offer you some reassurance on using the Oralift device, we’ve put together some tips on getting started…


What you need to know

Before we delve into how to use Oralift, a quick word on our background. Oralift has evolved from Doctor Mohindra’s Dentalfacelift technique when the device was used before teeth were restored. The process involved wearing a mouthguard-like device for up to 16 hours a day, which some people understandably struggled with. However, this process helped Dr Mohindra discover that his patients were looking better before any work was done on their teeth; following careful research and testing, the Oralift anti-ageing device was born.


Understanding the state of your muscles

Some Oralift users have raised the issue of how flexible the Oralift programme is, especially for how long the device has to be worn and if the rest periods are really necessary. From years of research and experience, we’ve learned that this really depends on the individual’s muscles and how they respond. If everyone’s facial muscles were in the same state, it would be easy to devise a simple one size fits all programme, but the reality is that we’ve had to devise a programme for people whose muscles are overworked due to parafunctional habits and stress, as well as for those who are relaxed, but whose facial muscles are overworked.

Typically, most users are somewhere between the two groups, but the Oralift programme has been developed so that everyone can safely achieve impressive, long-lasting results.


Assessing the state of your muscles

We developed the Touch Test to assess the state of the individual’s muscles at onboarding. When you receive your Oralift kit through the mail, we recommend starting according to how long you were able to wear the device without any signs of overuse.

Extreme cases involve those who can wear the device for just seconds and those who can wear the device for as long as they want. Most people come somewhere in between. The aim is to get the muscles healthy to use them for their rejuvenating and anti-ageing effects year after year; assessing the state of your muscles will help decide how best to use Oralift.

The old saying ‘there’s no gain without pain’ certainly does not apply to the Oralift treatment. When wearing your Oralfit device, you should never feel pain or discomfort, and if you find that to be the case, you should carefully follow the instructions on the App.


Monitoring your results

Monitoring changes to your face over time is not a difficult exact science. Even if you think you have overdone the usage, rest periods will compensate for this, and you will still benefit from the anti-ageing effect. This is why sometimes the best pictures are in the rest period.

We developed the Oralift app, where you can track and follow your progress over time. With a photographic comparison tool, you’ll be able to monitor your own before and after pictures and share them with friends should you want to. It goes without saying that the Oralift app is entirely confidential – the progress pictures you store are for your own personal use, and we encourage you to utilise the app’s features to understand how Oralift is changing your face.


Programme flexibility

One of the best things about the Oralift anti-ageing device is that the programme is flexible to your body, needs, and reaction. Provided you’re carefully monitoring your progress, it’s perfectly fine to wear the device for longer periods or change to the 5mm device rather than the 3mm device sooner than the recommended time.

If you notice signs of overuse during the onboarding period, it is essential that you follow the programme, and proceed very slowly.

The Oralift program is designed for those whose muscles are already healthy and relaxed, as well as for those whose muscles are tense and overworked. The former will be able to smoothly proceed to the maximum recommended time, whereas the latter who will almost certainly have what we call signs of overuse, will have to proceed more cautiously.

For those who have no signs of overuse and are established on the programme, they should in time be able to adapt the wear pattern to their lifestyle, provided there are no signs of overuse and they are monitoring their progress with regular photographs.

Please remember signs of overuse are not just about pain, but anything you do not like should be regarded as a sign, too. For example, if you feel your face is getting too long, it’s time to reduce usage.

Lifestyle is also a key factor. It is important to find a way of using Oralift that works for you, and you shouldn’t stress about trying to achieve the maximum wear time. There may be times in your life when you are dealing with an unusually stressful situation, which may cause you to clench. Then it would be beneficial to wear Oralift to help to control this.


Managing rest periods

When using the Oralift device, rest periods are so important. One of the theories why Oralift works is explained by the microtrauma theory: during the process of adaptation of the muscles caused by wearing the Oralift device, microtrauma occurs in the muscles.

These are similar to little wounds, and the healing process takes place for nearly ten months. More than 20 years of experience shows that during rest periods, the face continues to improve, as illustrated by Vanessa and Nina’s Success Stories (click here to see them).

Another reason why rest periods are so important is based on the principle that when the Oralift is first worn, the body gets a shock and has to adapt. This process should not become a routine. As we have shown, the face keeps on improving in the rest period, so there is no need to wear the device all the time.


Maximising your chances of success

Finally, a quick word on maximising your chances of success. Although the programme is designed to be flexible and accommodate your lifestyle and routine, factors such as stress, parafunction, exercise, diet, alcohol consumption and exposure to the sun can all contribute to the eventual result you’ll achieve. Following a healthy, balanced diet and minimising sun exposure and stress will ultimately lead to better results. Hydration is another key element.

Following years of testing and experimentation, we know that the wear programme we suggest for Oralift works, and that’s why we offer a Money-Back Guarantee to all of our customers. However, forming new habits is not easy, and even those with the best intentions can lapse. And remember that the micro-trauma theory suggests you can just start again and reset the programme, so not everything is lost. Should you struggle to find time for the Oralift device or take a break, you can return to the programme once you’re ready.


There you have it – a comprehensive guide to using Oralift and maximising your chances of success. Do you have questions? Let us know on Twitter @Oralift and check back soon for more advice on turning back the clock and rejuvenating your face from the comfort of home. 

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