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Oralift is regarded as a general wellness product by the FDA and is patented worldwide

The Oralift device is a small mouthguard device that is worn for short periods of time with rest breaks. Oralift counteracts the harmful effects of aging and rejuvenates the face in addition to other health benefits.

The Mouthpiece

The Oralift device resembles a small mouthguard and is designed to fit comfortably over your lower teeth.  It’s worn for short periods, as little as twice a week, and doesn’t require any specific exercise program – simply having it in your mouth activates your facial muscles.

Oralift has gained widespread recognition from cosmetic surgeons around the world as one of the most effective products for reducing and delaying the signs of facial aging.

Our product is proudly manufactured in the UK using high-quality materials, including Du Pont Elvax 150W thermoplastic and Grilamid TR90 nylon. It has also been rigorously tested by SATRA Technology Centre Ltd, Notified body No. 0321, to ensure its safety in the mouth and is BPA free. 

Please take a moment to review our FAQs to determine if Oralift is the right choice for you. Am I suitable for Oralift?

Oralift and The Smile

If you are worried about the appearance of your smile, look no further than Oralift! We believe that Oralift is the perfect pre-treatment for anyone considering a smile makeover. Why? Because Oralift doesn’t change your teeth, but instead enhances your lips, mouth corners, smile shape and eyes for a total smile transformation!

As we age, our smiles can show signs of aging too. Mouth corners start to droop, and we show less of our upper teeth. Teeth can become worn, crooked, or discolored. Before booking an appointment for a smile makeover or teeth whitening, consider the potential benefits of Oralift. After all, a smile is more than just teeth!

Just take a look at Jane’s results in our Success Stories after using Oralift – her smile looks more natural, balanced, and pleasing overall. Don’t let concerns about your smile hold you back – try Oralift today! 

Smile Makeover

Smile Design with health benefits

Benefits of using Oralift - Why Oralift is unique

By harnessing the ability of facial muscles to adapt, the range of reported benefits that people have reported extend beyond what has been shown in the scientific papers published about Oralift. ( Link – Scientific Research – Oralift)

The Health and Beauty benefits include:

Skin – improved wrinkles, pores, texture and elasticity Anti-aging treatments for the skin and face

Eyes – bigger and brighter

Face shape – reversal of the aging triangle , asymmetry, and a more golden proportion face

Posture – improved head posture affects the whole body Disruptive Technology

Health Benefits reported by users:

The long term benefits – our longest Oralift user even after 16 years looks better than when she started  Elaine’s Story – Oralift

A  healthy and beautiful appearance go hand in hand!

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