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If you are still unsure, you can email a member of our team who will be delighted to assist you. You are not alone; your success is our success. We believe in you and we believe in Oralift!

It is an individually programmed device that fits over your lower teeth.

By wearing the Oralift device, a larger space in between the upper and lower teeth is created and the muscles alter to let the jaw rest in a new position. As they adapt to this new position, the muscles appear to become more toned and trigger the body’s natural healing process, counteracting the effects of facial ageing. When a patient is wearing the Oralift device, the ‘exercise’ being done by the muscles is being done passively. It is believed that the muscles involved in this process are not just facial but head and neck.

As with any exercise regime, over use of the Oralift device can lead to over stressing of the facial muscles.

It depends on what you are having done. Your gums should be in a healthy state with good oral hygiene. If you are having extensive work done on your teeth (crowns, bridges, dentures etc) it would be advisable to wait until the work has been completed. If you have several teeth missing, these should be replaced with a bridge, implant or denture before Oralift is fitted. If you are not sure, we would recommend that you consult your dentist before proceeding with Oralift.

If you are in the middle of orthodontic treatment, it would be better to choose the option with professional support or wait until your treatment is finished.

Whilst we are unable to guarantee improvements to specific areas, we do know that Oralift rejuvenates and refreshes the whole face, making the person look good for their age. Patients frequently report that Oralift restored their vitality and people who had not seen them for some time said how well they looked.

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