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Meditation and Oralift

Meditation and Oralift

The Oralift anti-ageing device is a small mouthguard device, designed to be worn for short periods of time with rest breaks.

On countless patients Oralift has been seen to counteract the harmful effects of ageing, rejuvenating the face in addition to other health benefits. When you first begin using Oralift, we recommend a four-month initial programme, where you’ll wear Oralift every third day for a maximum of 60 minutes, twice daily. After those initial four months, it’s recommended that you use your device consistently for two months, twice per year, resulting in four months in total per year to maximise the benefits and reduce overuse.

To form the habit of using Oralift regularly, you need a cue: this could be the dedicated Oralift companion app, which serves as a reminder and guides you through the process or perhaps you could use a calendar where wear-dates are clearly marked.

In time, you’ll get into a routine that works for you, and you can log and monitor your results with the Oralift app.

One question we’re often asked, however, is what you should do whilst using the device. Some users will wear their mouthguard and watch TV, do the ironing, or perhaps even use their Oralift in the office whilst doing administrative work.

The truth is, there are no right or wrong answers – find a time, place, and activity that works for you and your lifestyle, and you’ll soon see results.


The meditation technique

When you wear Oralift, five minutes of the time will be allocated to doing the touch test, which requires you to keep your lips together and not let your upper teeth touch the blocks of the Oralift device. Your lips should be gently held together.

Some people find this difficult and their facial muscles look very strained as if they have a boiled sweet in their mouth – but you’ll get used to it.

Claudia, one of our dedicated Oralift users, had progressed on to the higher appliance and thought she was doing well, but her pictures showed the muscles on the cheeks looked more hollow than relaxed and full. We regard this as a sign of overuse, and the usual procedure is to reduce the time they wear the device. You can find information on recommended usage here.

When wearing her Oralift device, Claudia typically meditates for 20 minutes, and one of our Oralift practitioners suggested to her that she uses the device and the two procedures could combine together well and give a better result. In this case, it was 2 plus 2 equals 22, with Claudia finding that the combination of Oralift and her meditation lead to even better results.

When she wore Oralift when meditating, her whole body felt more relaxed and this shows in her pictures you’ll see below.

In the first picture, Claudia is wearing her Oralift and in the second picture, she is still wearing her Oralift but has done her 20 minutes meditation. We can see how her facial muscles and also neck muscles look so much more relaxed. In these modern days when stress is such an issue, the combination of Oralift and meditation form a powerful solution.

When you’re next wearing an Oralift device, why not try meditation and see what happens? Do join in the conversation over on social media @Oralift and check back soon for the latest.

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