Oralift programme & our Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that if you follow our recommended programme and you do not get results, we will refund your money!
(See section 8.4 of the T&C’s here)

Wearing Oralift is simple but it is a lifestyle change and involves forming a habit. We all know that despite best intentions, habits are easily broken.

To form the Oralift habit, you need a cue: could be the App reminder or placing a calendar somewhere prominent with the wear dates marked. In time, the routine will be set. Your reward will be when you take pictures and use the photograph comparison tool in the App to see your results.

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The Oralift programme

First 4 months of the programme:



  • This shows the wear pattern for someone who onboarded on a Sunday
  • Wear Oralift every third day up to a maximum of 60 minutes twice daily

After the first 4 months and ongoing:



  • The first time you use Oralift, it is for four months
  • Thereafter Oralift should be used for two months twice a year
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