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How to take good care of your skin once you hit 45

How to take good care of your skin once you hit 45

As we age, our skin is more prone to wrinkling and sagging. This is intensified by spending too much time in the sun, using sunbeds, not investing in skincare, poor nutrition, a lack of exercise, and smoking. Everyday facial movements, like smiling, frowning, and drinking via a straw can make those lines and wrinkles even worse. Though the truth is that wrinkles are hard to get rid of when they do appear, they can be improved with the right skincare regime.

Below, we’ve put together some tips on taking good care of your skin once you hit 45…

Cleanse twice a day

Perhaps the most important skincare tip we can offer is to cleanse twice a day. But take care in choosing the right cleanser, as they’re not all built equally. Choose a foaming cleanser to remove dirt beneath the surface of your skin.

Those with dry skin should consider a cleanser with natural oils, whilst those with greasier skin could choose cleansers that contain salicylic acid. Try to avoid having a “night off” cleansing, especially if you’ve been wearing makeup.


Moisturise often

As our skin ages, we need to top up the moisture that we lose to avoid wrinkles. Once you have cleansed and applied a serum, top up your face with a generous coating of moisturiser.

Once we hit 40, oil production in our skin slows down, so it’s vital that we replenish that lost moisture. Don’t be afraid to reapply through the day if needs be. Choose a moisturiser that has hyaluronic acid or consider a natural alternative from a company such as Lush.


Look at your diet

We all know that we are what we eat. And when it comes to looking after our skin, our diet is incredibly important. With some subtle tweaks to your food and drink intake, you can make a noticeable difference to the appearance of your skin in a few weeks. Swap out processed junk food with hydrating whole foods, and try to cut down on sugar where you can, as this can trigger inflammation in your skin. Foods that are high in probiotics (yoghurt, cheese, and sourdough bread) can reduce the chances of bad gut bacteria which can have an impact on your face. Oh, and as we say time and time again, drink plenty of water throughout the day.


Be gentle when exfoliating

We’re often told of the importance of exfoliating our faces to aid in cell turnover and remove dead skin. But it’s vital that you’re sensitive when exfoliating. Use a gentle product around once per week that will lightly remove impurities without being too harsh on your skin. If you over scrub, you can damage your skin and might even encourage increased oil production.


Invest in good skincare

Although you don’t need to spend hundreds on expensive skincare products, it’s wise to go beyond the basics for better ingredients and results. We recommend buying an antioxidant serum and retinol or prescription-strength tretinoin, and a good sunscreen that contains zinc.

Zinc sunscreens protect your skin by sitting on the top layer and physically blocking harmful UV rays, rather than allowing your skin to absorb those rays, which results in skin damage.


Try the Oralift anti-ageing device

Finally, consider the benefits of the Oralift anti-ageing device. Our mouthguard-like product is designed to be worn for short periods of time. When used consistently, Oralift has been seen to counteract some of the harmful effects of ageing, helping to rejuvenate your face. It works by “activating” your facial muscles and has gained international recognition from cosmetic surgeons as being a natural way to reduce and delay the signs of ageing. The product is now sold around the world, and we have dozens of success stories featured on our website.


Check back to the Oralfit blog soon for more tips and tricks on taking good care of your skin.

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