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How weight loss affects your face

How weight loss affects your face

Most people who lose weight celebrate their weight-loss milestones with a variety of amazing
health benefits, such as lower blood pressure, better energy, and loose jeans (yay!). However,
there are additionally some who tend to feel disheartened about their changes to their skin. It
can be hard to see how your skin has changed after all of the hard work that you’ve put into
improving your health.

Your genetics and physiology determine where you tend to gain the most weight. Regardless of
whether you’re an apple or pear shape, the more you gain, the more noticeable it will be in your
face. This of course is also true for losing weight.

Will you notice right away?

If you’re planning on losing weight, it might not occur to you that you’ll notice the changes in
your face right away. Over time, your face will gradually change and you’ll start looking slightly
different. According to a study conducted by the University of Toronto, people need to lose
around 8 or 9 pounds before they can see the changes in their face.

When we are young, our face takes on an almost perfect shape. However, as we get older, it
can change due to weight gain and the skin’s sag. Losing weight can help remove some of that
excess skin around the mouth and cheeks and change the appearance of your face but it is
good to note that age still affects the face and losing weight can sometimes highlight aging skin.
So, how does weight loss actually affect the face?

When you lose weight, you will inevitably lose some fat, which naturally happens in your neck
and face. However, when you lose fat, it also means that your skin will lose its collagen, which is
the structure that keeps it firm and youthful. This natural loss of collagen can be combined with
your weight loss to create a more wrinkled and drooping appearance.

It’s surprising that people who lose a significant amount of weight can still experience loose skin
after a few years. According to experts, it can happen even after losing around 30 pounds. For
instance, if you notice that your skin begins to sag in areas such as the thighs, arms, and
calves, then you might start to notice a change in the face.

How do we reverse these effects on the face after weight loss?

If you are concerned about this, the unique Oralift natural facelift device can help. It is achieved
by wearing a mouthguard type device for short periods. Oralift is not an exercise device but
works on the principle of the body’s natural ability to adapt and change. We know chronological
age can not be changed but healthy lifestyle changes can reverse biological age.

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