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Natural facelift

How Oralift works its magic

Oralift leverages the adaptability of facial muscles, a concept well-established in orthodontics. 

Unlike other muscles in the body, facial muscles are unique and can adapt instantly. What is the adaptation process? It is just the metabolic or physiological adjustment within cells or tissues of an organism, triggered by an environmental stimulus. This leads to a better ability of the organism to cope with the changing environment.

  • Freeway Space – When we are sitting or standing and our face is relaxed, the lips are usually held together and there is a small space between the upper and lower teeth.
  • Resting position – Lower jaw position is called the ‘resting position’.
  • Oralift Blocks – When the Oralift device is worn in the mouth the blocks on the device are usually bigger than the freeway space. Proprioceptors in our facial muscles are activated and send messages to our brain which must find a new resting position of the jaw.
  • Adaptation process – This repositioning of the jaw kicks in the process of adaptation crucial to the survival of a species.
  • Deprogramming– The facial muscles are deprogrammed and start to let the jaw rest in the new position creating symmetry of the face, an uplift of the soft tissues and improvement in the skin.
  • Health Benefits– The muscles involved are not just the facial muscles but the all the muscle of the head and neck and therefore there is an immediate improvement in the way the head rests on the top of the vertebrae, thus creating better posture.
    The physiological changes that take place are not just related to the muscles, but adjustments take place within every cell in the body to be able to cope with the change. Hence benefits reported by users don’t just relate to the face, but to the whole body.

The Cosmetic Surgery Guide has described Oralift as “groundbreaking” in its approach.

How to use

The Oralift Program

First 4 months of the program

Wear program For Oralift
And so on, Every Third Day

After the first 4 months and ongoing

Yearly Oralift program
January February March April
May June July August
September October November December

Your Progress

Track Your Progress

Witness your transformation unfold - track your progress and bask in the glory of your constantly improving appearance.

As every person is unique, your Oralift program will be tailored to you once your devices have been molded and you have completed the facial muscle assessment tests. 

To make the most of your Oralift experience, you will need a smartphone to access the accompanying app, where you can keep track of your device usage and set reminders. 

The app also features a photo comparison tool, allowing you to document your progress and monitor your improvements. And don’t forget, with Oralift, results are guaranteed, making regular progress tracking essential.

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