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Oralift: power of adaptation and/or facial exercises ?

Oralift: power of adaptation and/or facial exercises ?

There is always a benefit to exercising any part of your body. Facial exercise is no different. Facial exercise works your muscles and strengthens them. However, you must repeat the process often to gain any benefits…and the effects are reversed if you don’t keep it up. Many people have exhausted facial muscles due to clenching and grinding and it is possible that doing facial exercise could make these muscles even more exhausted, leading to pain and jaw problems such as TMD.  There is also the danger of overdoing facial exercise which can result in overdeveloped muscles, resulting in an unnatural look.

The Oralift device uses the facial muscles’ remarkable ability to adapt to the new position of the jaw when Oralift is worn. This adaptive process rejuvenates the whole face, involves the breathing, swallowing and postural muscles, and works at a cellular level to make every cell work to its best ability. There is no exercise involved, you just wear the device over your lower teeth for short periods twice a week.

How Oralift Works

The first thing you will notice about Oralift is there is no surgery, needles, harmful substances or pain …and no exercise programme!

The Oralift device, unlike a regular mouthguard has blocks on either side at the back. These blocks  play a critical part in the process of rejuvenation. When the upper back teeth become aware of the blocks, this awareness is what triggers the deprogramming of the muscles and the subsequent rejuvenating effects when the muscles adapt to the new position of the jaw.

This power of the facial muscles is unique!

Check out this video to see the magic of Oralift!

The Benefits of Oralift

Oralift users have reported a wide range of benefits including reduced wrinkles and pores, brighter eyes, face shape restored to a more youthful shape, improved jawline….and all without the artificiality of some of the more traditional anti aging treatments.

Posture Correction

We have observed that many of our Oralift users have experienced an improvement in posture, as Oralift does not just affect the facial muscles, but the postural, swallowing and breathing muscles too. Poor posture tightens muscles, joints and arteries, which means your circulatory system must work harder to pump blood. Better head posture opens up circulation through the neck and to your brain, your most vital organ.

Reversing Biological Aging

You can’t turn back the clock  and reverse  chronological aging but we are learning that biological aging can be reversed.  True anti aging comes from lifestyle changes: balanced diet, exercise, minimising stress, healthy sleep pattern, meditation, positive thinking…and Oralift !



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