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Here’s why you should be drinking more water

Here’s why you should be drinking more water

We’ve put together some of the reasons why you should be drinking more water. Give it a read and let us know what you think!


There’s no getting away from the fact that we don’t drink enough water.

According to one shocking report, 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, and it’s a similar story around the world.

Let’s face it: we’d all prefer a coffee or cola than a glass of water on a morning.

Though remembering to drink enough water is far away from the top of our priorities, it’s so important that we do. Our bodies are made up of at least 60% water, and our blood is 90% water, and dehydration can have a significant impact on our health.

We’ve rounded up some sobering reasons why drinking enough water is so important…


Keeps our mouths clean

One of the most important reasons for choosing water over a caffeinated or sugary drink is so we can produce enough saliva and mucus, which is vital for helping us to digest our food. Saliva also helps to keep our mouths, noses, and eyes moist, preventing friction, and keeps our mouth clean. If you’re suffering from halitosis, it’s likely that you are dehydrated.


Keeps wrinkles at bay

Another reason why water is so important is to help prevent premature wrinkling. Water keeps our body hydrated and refreshed as well as maintaining our skin’s natural elasticity. If you drink the recommended daily amount of water every day, your skin will be less likely to suffer from wrinkles, soft lines, scars, and signs of ageing as those who are dehydrated.

And as we age, it’s tougher for our bodies to hold onto water, so upping your intake is critical. It has been reported that we can lose as much as six litres of our total body water weight between the ages of 20 and 80. Swap that cup of coffee for another glass of water.


Regulates body temperature

Some of our body’s water is stored in the middle layers of the skin and released as sweat when our body heats, designed to regulate our body temperature. As the water leaves and evaporates, it cools our bodies down. According to some scientific journals, if we have too little water in our bodies, heat storage increases and we’re less able to tolerate changes in temperature. In other words, drink more water – especially in the warmer summer months.


Maintains blood pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure, your body is at a higher risk of health problems, as you’re putting additional strain on your arteries and heart. Over time, this can cause your arteries to become thicker, narrower, and less flexible, making you susceptible to clotting, leading to strokes and heart attacks. If you don’t have enough water in your system, it can cause your blood to become thicker, so sipping away is essential for your overall health.


Boosts performance

Researchers have suggested that drinking more water could enhance your performance during strenuous exercises such as running or cycling. According to a report on the effects of fluid loss on physical performance, dehydration can reduce performance in exercise that lasts 30 minutes or more, so if you’re training for a marathon or love to go to the gym, it makes sense to buy yourself a new water bottle and set yourself a daily water challenge.


Helps you lose weight

Now for the biggie: water can help with weight loss. As water is an appetite suppressant, it is recommended that you drink a glass or two before a big meal so that you can feel fuller and reduce the number of calories you consume. Drinking water before you sit down for dinner can result in an average reduction of 75 calories per meal, which can very quickly add up.

Water is also a great replacement for sodas and juices. Sure, they’re not as tasty as a Diet Coke or a cocktail, but you can inject some flavour into your water by adding a squeeze of lemon or a calorie-free cordial. An average can of Coca Cola has 140 calories – swap out 2 colas a day per week for water, and you’ve saved yourself a whole day’s worth of calories!

If you’re trying to lose weight, we recommend sticking to cold water – chill it in the fridge or add an ice cube to your glass. It will boost your metabolism as your body works harder to warm it up, burning more calories. What’s more, ice-cold water is much more refreshing!


Reduces joint pain

Water helps to lubricate our joints and allows us to move freely and without pain. Cartilage, which is found in our joints and in the disks of our spine, is 80% water. If we don’t give our bodies enough water in the long-term, dehydration can damage our joints’ ability to absorb shock, making us more susceptible to aching joints. Yep, it’s time to refill that water bottle!


Prevents kidney damage

Another good reason to up your water intake is to prevent kidney damage. Your kidneys regulate the fluid in your body, and if there’s not enough water, it can cause kidney stones and all sorts of problems. The “8×8 rule” is worth following if you’re concerned about your kidneys – it suggests that you drink eight 240ml glasses of water every day (around 2 litres) on top of any other drinks such as tea, coffee, wine, soft drinks, fruit juices, and milk.


Were you surprised by any of these water facts? Do you have any tips for increasing your water intake without having to spend all day rushing back and forth to the toilet? Share your stories on social media and check back soon for more anti-ageing tips and tricks.

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