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Oralift, The Alternative to Botox

Oralift, The Alternative to Botox


For millions of women worldwide, Botox treatments are their go-to treatment to fend off an ageing face in the mirror. However, there are risks with Botox – like “frozen face” from too many treatments.

That’s why women are turning to an all-natural “lift” with the Oralift.

We all have friends who seem to defy the ageing process. How can they look so youthful, with such smooth skin, at THEIR age?

Is it genetics?
Have they had WORK done?
Round after round of BOTOX treatments?

Women (and men) have turned to Botox for the past decade. It’s the “easy” way to treat wrinkles, say the advertisers.

However, a major survey recently found that 3 in 4 Botox users would prefer a pain-free alternative. They are tired of all the skin pricks! Besides, there are risks with Botox – which you might not realise.

“Botox Face” and Other Risks

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxic protein that, in small doses, can provide cosmetic and medical relief. This toxin works by relaxing muscle contractions and blocking nerve impulses. It is commonly used for mini facelifts as it reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

The main cause of concern is the repeated Botox treatments. The effects of Botox last several weeks but then require repeated treatment in order for the results to continue.

Your muscles begin to get trained from the Botox injections, so there is less recurrence of wrinkles. However, some people become “addicted” to Botox and repeat the treatments so often that their faces actually become “frozen” in appearance.

“When people start looking at you and wondering, ‘What have you had done?’, that’s the Oralift effect.”

– Dr. Nick Mohindra

If you are looking to treat a specific condition and you don’t abuse the Botox treatment by overusing it, you may get the effect you want. But beware the risk of Botox addiction – and the cost of all those treatments.

A Natural Alternative

Today we have a non-surgical solution – the Oralift Facial Rejuvenation device. This device seems to reverse the ageing process. With a device like this, the face keeps improving as we get older.

Indeed, with the Oralift facial rejuvenation device, we see reversal of ageing.

Medical Background

The Oralift is a tailor-made device that fits over your lower teeth. Oralift seems to work by using two principles: the healing capacity of the body and the body’s remarkable ability to adapt to environmental change.

The muscles of the face when relaxed usually keep the lips together and the teeth slightly apart. The little space between the upper and lower teeth is called the “free way space” and is usually 1-3mm.

At this relaxed or resting position there is a minimal amount of electrical activity occurring in the facial muscles to maintain muscle tone.

When you wear the Oralift appliance, it separates the teeth by an amount much greater than their original “free way space”. The muscles on the face immediately “realise” that this device is something that cannot be chewed or eaten. The muscles therefore adapt by altering their fibres to create a new resting length and a new “free way space”.

Science of Oralift

Dr. N K Mohindra, pioneer developer of Oralift, believes that this process involves greater protein activity for which muscles need more oxygen. To achieve this, it is possible that any capillaries which have been damaged are naturally repaired.

Furthermore, Dr. Mohindra believes this repair process is initiated by the muscles releasing a growth factor (Mechano Growth Factor, which was discovered by Professor G. Goldspink), which triggers the body’s healing process — thus counteracting the harmful effects of facial ageing.

In virtually all cases that he has treated, Dr. Mohindra has found that his patients have reported improvements in their skin after using Oralift. With further research, Oralift could become the first choice of skin care for people age 50 and over.

Read the Reviews

I established Aesthetica clinic in Dubai three years ago and am currently setting up two more clinics, also in Dubai. I have devoted the past three years to researching various aesthetic anti-ageing products and techniques. I also travel extensively 6 or 7 times a year to various anti-ageing and aesthetic conferences around the world. A few months ago I met Dr. Mohindra at the FACE congress in London, where he gave me a presentation of his Facial Rejuvenation system. I was exceedingly impressed with the results that Dr. Mohindra was able to obtain with his system.

To date, we are able to refine skin texture and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles through peels, botox injections and autologous fibroblasts. However, the non-surgical restoration of the facial contours of youth remains a challenge. One of the most important determinants of the ageing face is the alteration in the shape of the face from the inverted triangular shape of youth, with high cheekbones and narrow jaw line, to the development of a regular triangle whereby there is a depression of the cheek area and the development of jowls that result in a square jaw.

Dr. Mohindra’s Oralift shows dramatic results on the restoration of youthful facial contours. His technique is simple, easy to use and, above all, totally risk free.

— Maria Angelo-Khattar, Ph.D. Managing Director, Aesthetica Group of Clinics

There is no denying Oralift works and in light of the ongoing cosmetic surgery review, with so many consumers looking for alternative treatments at the moment, it’s understandably becoming quite popular.

— Laura Casewell, Definitive Guide to Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics in the UK.

Certified Oralift practitioners are equipped with the right skills and knowledge to supply and fit the appliance for you. This groundbreaking device comes in three different sizes. Your practitioner will choose the most suitable size and change to another when needed.

Before (left) and After (right) Photos of an Oralift User

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