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Unleash the power of adaptation with Oralift

Utilizing the proven concept of muscle adaptation in orthodontics, Oralift works miracles for your facial muscles. This groundbreaking treatment, praised by the Cosmetic Surgery Guide, will help to naturally rejuvenate your face.

You are never alone with Oralift

With Oralift’s innovative treatment, you can rest assured that support is always within reach. After fitting your oralift devices, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a member of the Oralift team via zoom for a maximum of five people per appointment.

Oralift harnesses the body’s innate ability to adapt and evolve.
The moment you start wearing the device, it begins to work its magic. In just two weeks, experience a 12.5% decrease in wrinkles and a 20% improvement in skin elasticity. Unleash the full potential of your body with Oralift.

What makes Oralift special?



  1. Release the adaptive capability of any species to survive.
  2. Release the ability to heal and repair.
  3. In the process look and feel better.

Founder story …

The Mohindra technique, developed by Dr. Indra Mohindra in 1975, is an alternative to cycloplegic retinoscopy in young patients and is widely used in optology. Following Dr. Indra’s recent passing, her brother, Dr. Nick Mohindra, aims to continue their legacy of innovation in wellness techniques. Their family’s journey from India to Kenya and then to Britain is recounted, with Dr. Nick pursuing dentistry and Dr. Indra optology. Dr. Indra’s move to the US for research at MIT and her international acclaim treating world leaders inspired Dr. Nick’s career path. He developed the Oralift natural facelift, a wellness product based on orthodontic principles, to reduce facial aging effects. The Oralift adjusts jaw position, leading to muscle adaptation and improved posture and circulation. Dr. Nick also developed an app to track Oralift progress and address user concerns. He sees his work as honoring his sister’s legacy and impacting patients worldwide.

How it works …


Oralift leverages the adaptability of facial muscles, a concept well-established in orthodontics. Unlike other muscles in the body, facial muscles are unique and can adapt instantly. What is the adaptation process? It is just the metabolic or physiological adjustment within cells or tissues of an organism, triggered by an environmental stimulus. This leads to a better ability of the organism to cope with the changing environment.



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