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Federica’s Story

Oralift before treatment
Federica after 8 months of Oralift treatment
After 8 Months
Here is a result after 8 months of using Oralift. Let’s look in detail at exactly happened to the eyes, the skin, the shape of the face and the lips. We will also look at her smile pictures.
Oralift before treatment
Oralift after 2 weeks - Federica
After 2 Weeks
Oralift after 4 months
After 4 Months
Federica after 8 months of Oralift treatment
After 8 Months
Federica - Black and white filter helps to see the changes before and after treatment


It is better to see pictures in black and white to be able to see the effect on the shape of the face. The shape of the face can change due to the reversal of the ageing triangle. After wearing the Oralift device it seems the facial muscle are deprogrammed and the deprogrammed facial muscles try to achieve golden proportion on the face and we can see that the face looks more oval.

Federica - wrinkles on the forehead improved with Oralift


Again it is better to look at the black and white pictures to see the improvement in skin. Here we can see how the skin looks smoother and how the wrinkles on the forehead do not look as deep. These pictures are eight months apart and when viewing images, it is important to keep in mind other factors that might be affecting the skin. Has the person been on holiday resulting in sun damage?

Federica - Ageing triangle reversing with Oralift


The lips in this case have had what we call the Oralift effect. As we get older we tend to get a sad, sometimes even grumpy look! This is due to the reversal of the ageing triangle when all the soft tissues migrate downwards: the corners of the eyes droop, the cheeks flatten, the tip of the nose starts to droop, the width of the nose increases and the corners of the mouth also start to turn down….all of which contribute to that sad look.

Federica - eyes much brighter with Oralift
Here we can see the corner of the eyes- especially the right eye- has lifted up, the tip of the nose has also lifted and the width is reduced. The corners of the mouth have lifted and there is a slight increase in the volume of the lower lip.
Federica - nasio-labial folds reduced
The shadows on the nasio labial folds are lighter because the folds are no longer as deep.

In smiling pictures, it is important to make sure the smile is always the same.

Federica - Gingival display reduced in the smile after 8 months of Oralift treatment

When taking smile pictures, the aim should be to show the widest smile, showing as many teeth as possible. When pictures are taken with this in mind, the smiles are repeatable and can be more easily compared for changes. You can not compare a half smile with a full smile as the wrinkles on the face of the full smile will look worse. Let us look at these changes in detail.

Federica - the smile is not just about teeth with Oralift


A healthy and friendly smile can have a significant impact on your first impression on other people. The smile is affected by the ageing process: the teeth can become more crooked and worn down, the colour darkens and the corners of the mouth don’t lift up as much. The top teeth show less and the lower teeth more…. this happens even when we are talking. The smile however, is not just about the teeth and lips.

Federica - crows feet reduced with Oralift
The eyes play a big part too. We can see here that the eyes look much bigger and the lines around them are not so deep.
Federica - Oralift and the smile
Even the gums do not show as much as before. The smile looks altogether more attractive.
Federica - profile improvement and firmer jawline with Oralift

Side view photographs are useful as they can show the changes that occur to our profile.

As we get older, our chin sometimes recedes due to tooth wear and clenching and grinding habits. If these habits are severe they can lead to premature ageing of the face. The Oralift device can help you to stop clenching and grinding , and your deprogrammed facial muscles will try to achieve the golden proportion on the face. In cases where the chin is retruded, the chin will come forward and the opposite will happen if the chin is protruded, resulting in a more pleasing profile.

Federica - improvement in the skin with the black and white filter


Here we can see that the chin which was slightly retruded has come forward, resulting in an improved profile and the eyes looking less sunken.

Federica - Black and white filter shows more clearly the improvements


We can also see the improvement in the skin.

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