Oralift For Professionals

Olga’s Story

Olga was interested in improving her skin and having fuller lips. She was happy with these improvements after using Oralift, but was also delighted to see that it had improved her face shape, which made her look even more attractive! According to the golden proportion ratio, a beautiful person's face is supposed to be about one and a half time longer than it is wide. With Oralift, change in face shape is one of the first improvements that we usually see.



Black and white filter

As always with black and white pictures, we can clearly see the changes in face shape and the improvement to the lips.




The smile

Olga’s smile looks more attractive, but something else is happening here. Olga seems to have acquired a more confident, sophisticated look!




Black and white filter

The black and white pictures show that less of the lower teeth are showing in the smile which indicates a lifting of the soft tissues of the face.

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