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Michelle’s story started in September 2022

After 18 months
In her wish list Michelle had hoped for improvements to 5 features. Michelle's cheeks are fuller, hooding above eyelids has reduced, eyes look brighter and nasio labial folds are reduced. All the changes are subtle but overall the 4 months results show a very good result. The question to ask is which picture looks better and there is no doubt it is the after picture. Michelle has now been using Oralift for 18 months and has continued to see great improvements.
6 weeks
4 months later
After 18 months



Black and white non smiling

Michelle’s lips are looking fuller and the corners of the mouth have lifted. The width of the nose appears narrower and the tip of the nose has also lifted. The cheeks have continued to improve and are looking slightly fuller. The skin looks much smoother.



Michelle has a more pleasing smile due to an improvement in posture and the tip of the nose having lifted.

Black and white smile

You can see clearly in these photographs, the eyes are wider and livelier.  Skin looks much smoother.

Black and White pictures

These show the improvements in cheeks more clearly, especially the left side and also we can see the hooding above the eyes has improved.

Smiling Pictures

The smile looks better. This is as a result of  reduction in wrinkles around the eyes, and the uplift in the tip of the nose. The uplift in the tip of the nose could be just due to the improvement in head posture – the head is more upright. Remember the smile is not just about the teeth and lips but the whole face.

Smiling pictures in Black & White

The reduction in wrinkles around the eyes and the hooding above the eyes can be seen more clearly here.

View from the side

The jaw line is much firmer.

Posture Improvement

Michelle has already commented on her posture improvement: “I have noticed that I have a curvature at the top of my back for many years. I noticed that it has now straightened out a bit and my head is more lifted in all the pictures”. Here we can see how the head sits more on top of the shoulders and how the shoulders are further back.

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