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Michele’s Story is also going to be in real time. Her story shows how flexible the programme can be. Now see her 4 month results

After 4 months
Michele's result after wearing Oralift for 4 months is quite stunning by any standards. Michele wasn't sure what Oralift had done for her because the changes are gradual. After seeing her before and afters, Michele wrote: "Thank you!!!! WOW, there has been a change in my whole face structure, texture and tone. I am loving the results and can hardly wait for the next stage."
After 3 weeks
After 6 weeks
After 2 months
After 4 months

The flexibility of the programme 

Michele had readily adapted to the devices, with no discomfort on onboarding, and felt confident enough to try wearing hers for just half an hour daily, ten minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. She was impatient to see quick results! This can result in the skin looking worse (sign of overuse) and in her case, the texture of the skin under the eyes is looking a little worse, but the other improvements were very encouraging. Michele is of course very experienced at looking at skin and we knew she could carefully monitor her own progress.

We guarantee results with Oralift only when the recommended programme is followed, as we know  from experience and our data that this works. However, we understand that some users, who like Michele have very relaxed muscles, may want to try different variations, but if they do this, they must monitor their progress and watch out for signs of overuse. We can see from Michel’s progress that other programme variations can work too.

Michele did exactly the right thing when she noticed signs of overuse…she reduced her wear time to every third day, and the results show continued improvement


Smiling pictures

In Michele’s smiling pictures, we can see that the cheeks look much higher and the crows’ feet on the left eye look much better.


Black and white filter

The black and white pictures show that the smile is looking so much better, and the upward lifting of the soft tissues means that less of the lower teeth are showing.


The eyes

The crows’ feet look much better but the skin underneath the eye less so and for this reason, Michele decided to proceed a little more slowly and introduce a day of rest between wear days. One must remember that while muscles respond instantaneously, the elasticity of the skin can take longer to improve.


Black and white filter

The skin under the eyes which was looking worse after 3 weeks, is now looking much better.
Slowing down her wear programme has had the desired effect.

Michele commented that ‘her forehead has become more “square” and smoother.’

She also noticed more brown spots on her face : “I have been in Florida since April 1st, headed home on the 11th. The sun penetrates through my 30spf! It’s the golfing I decided to take up while I’m here. It’s crazy how the sun damage shows in the black and whites.”


Smiling pictures

The smile looks more pleasing and the cheeks are higher.


The wrinkles around the eyes have continued to improve.

Black and white filter

After two months the improvements are quite dramatic. The skin looks so much smoother, and the marionette folds  are much reduced. The cheeks look higher and the lips look more symmetrical.

It is remarkable that the left side of the face is showing a marked improvement. When we age, one side of the face tends to deteriorate more than the other.

Sun damage

After Michele started her treatment, she had to make a trip to Florida. Her golfing exposed her to a lot of sun and despite her sunscreen, her skin showed an increased amount of sun damage (brown spots). These are starting to reduce as seen in the two months pictures.

Smiling pictures

Here we can see an altogether more pleasing smile after 2 months.

Black and white

The black and white pictures show that the asymmetry of the smile has improved, the cheeks have lifted and the lines around the eyes have improved.

Michele’s results after 4 months

Michele’s face shape has become more oval, her skin looks smoother, especially under the eyes and the lines around her mouth have diminished. The corners of the mouth have lifted up and her eyes are less sunken.

Black and white filter

Here we can see that the area under Michele’s left eye has greatly improved, and her lips look more symmetrical. Our faces do tend to be symmetrical with one half looking worse than the other. We can see how much the left side of Michele’s face has improved  more than the right, resulting in her face looking overall more symmetrical.

As usual, the black and white pictures more clearly show the changes to the face shape and the reversal of the aging triangle.

Smiling pictures

Without any work being done on the teeth, Michele’s smile looks more attractive with her fuller upper lip and less lower tooth display.

The corners of her eyes have lifted up. Her whole face seems to be smiling now.

Black and white filter

The wrinkles around both eyes  are reduced  and as in the previous black and white picture, we can again see that the improvement on the left side is more dramatic.

Close up of the eyes

The close up of the eyes show the above changes more clearly.

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