Oralift For Professionals

Jola’s Story

The improvements in Jola's face shape and the lines around the mouth were subtle but Jola was delighted with the result. This was the best preparation for her wedding day! We recommend Oralift for all brides to be, ideally starting around 6 months before the Big Day.




Black and white filter

Even though Jola’s result were subtle the black and white pictures very clearly show the improvements to the face shape and the lines around the mouth.




Smiling pictures

Jola’s smiling picture in black and white show that the “V” shape of youth is starting to be restored. Jola looked so happy in the run up to her wedding day. As with exercise, the changes in the muscles help to contribute to the feel good factor.



10 minutes result

Here we can see an impressive result after using Oralift for only 10 minutes. Jola was concentrating hard on maintaining her increase freeway space hence the expression in the eyes.
Her face shape looks more oval, the jowls look less and the lower lip look fuller… and all within 10 minutes!


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