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Cody’s Story – started 1st July 2022

After 6 weeks
After having used the Oralift for 6 weeks, Cody's face shape is looking more oval. Nose width is slightly narrower - suggesting reversal of the aging process on the face.
10 minutes later
After 1 month
After 6 weeks

Black and white pictures

These show the change in face shape more clearly. The eyes are starting to look brighter.

Black and white right side view

The side view shows how the improvement in posture is being maintained and also the chin is slightly more forward giving a more pleasing profile. The neck also seems a bit firmer. Cheeks have lifted up as well


The smile after 6 weeks looks more attractive. This is due to small changes in symmetry, shape of face, brightness of eyes and lifting of cheeks

The black and white pictures

These confirm the change in the face shape. Skin changes can sometimes take longer to show. The forehead is showing some damage to the skin – perhaps a scar from an injury?


Smile changes after 1 month

The smile looks better after one month. This is due to the change in face shape and correction of asymmetries on the face. The neck looks longer and this is due to the improvement in head posture. All these small changes make the smile look better.

Head Posture

Here you can see how the head posture has improved.

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