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Christine’s Story

After 4 months
The most obvious results were to Christine's eyes, the frown lines and nasio labial folds. Her whole face looks more relaxed. With ageing, the downward sagging of the soft tissues causes the "V" shape of the youthful face to be inverted, resulting in flattening of the cheeks and formation of jowls. This has clearly been reversed in Christine's case.





Black and white filter

This is a good example of the typical asymmetry of the face being corrected with Oralift. On the right side of Christine’s face, we can see how the corner of the eye and the nasio labial and marionette folds are worse on that side. This asymmetry is being corrected in the “after” picture.




Close up of the eyes

Sometimes it is good to look at close up pictures of specific features in order to be able to focus on the improvement to these features. In this case you can see how the eyes are more opened and the corner of the right eye has lifted up.
The opening of the eyes can also depend on expression. When taking before and after pictures, it’s good to try to think of the same thing each time. Also, when comparing features, it is good to look at a series of pictures rather than just one set of before and afters, in order to see the trends that are taking place.



The nasio labial folds

By focusing on the area around the lips we can see the remarkable improvement to the nasio labial and marionettes folds on Christine’s right side.






Smiling pictures

The smiling pictures show the trend of the opening of the eyes. The eyes look wider both in the non-smiling and smiling pictures.





Black and white filter

Again the black and white filter shows these changes more clearly.



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