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Carolyn’s Story

After 6 months
Carolyn's pictures after 6 months surprised her as she wasn't sure if there had been any improvements. She agreed that the changes in her face shape and lips were actually quite dramatic.



Face shape


Carolyn didn’t like how her face shape had become squarer over the years and was pleased to see how much it changed with using Oralift. In people who clench, and/or whose muscles are very tense the freeway space tends to be small. The freeway space is the space between our top and bottom teeth when the lips are held together and the face is relaxed. When these muscles are more relaxed, the freeway space increases and the square face shape changes into a more oval shape.





The lips are much fuller not just because of muscle hypertrophy but also because of the increase in freeway space.




Black and white filter

Black and white pictures are always useful to see results in more depth. In the Oralift App, it is possible, when comparing photographs to add the black and white filter, with the help of a slider tool. For the purpose of our success stories we always show the pictures side by side.




Profile and posture

In the before picture, it looks as though Carolyn is holding her head up, but the change we see in the after picture is usually because of an improvement in posture. The way the head rests on top of the cervical spine changes.





This black and white picture also show the improvement in jowls and the eyes look less sunken.




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