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Dr Mohindra talks with Jodylynn about her 4 month results

Jody lynn is delighted with her 4 month results and Dr Mohindra discusses with Jodylynn the significance of the changes

Zoom Support

With an innovative treatment like Oralift it’s good to know there is support available if you need it.

Now when you purchase an Oralift kit, you will be able to meet with one of the Oralift Team via Zoom (maximum of five people per appointment). You can book the appointment on your App after you have onboarded. Access to the App comes with your Oralift kit. Initially we are offering these appointments at 5.00 pm GMT on Mondays to accommodate global time zones. From 25th January  2023, these appointments will be on a Wednesday at the same time. As demand increases, we will increase appointment times. This support will be available for up to one year after purchase.

You can also join our Facebook Group (Oralift Community)  or email us:  We aim to respond within 48 hours Monday to Friday.  You will never be alone with Oralift !

Online zoom appointment

Why Not? Dental Leaders Podcast

Listen to Dr Mohindra being interviewed by Dr. Payman Langroudi as part of his Dental Leaders Podcast series. We hear how Dr. Mohindra adopted a radical approach to a number of aspects of dentistry, but was always mindful of putting his research and findings on a scientific basis. Patient reported outcomes are now recognised as crucial to progress in science and this is what inspired him to open new doors.

A politician patient once remarked that Dr. Mohindra’s innovative thinking was worthy of a Nobel Prize!

103: Why Not? With Nick Mohindra

April 2021: you can now pay by instalments with Klarna!

We’ve partnered with Klarna to bring you flexible payments at checkout! Your bill is split into three equal payments which are collected every 30 days. No added interest or fees. 18+, T&Cs apply. See our website for more details. #smooothshopping #klarna




February 2021: Launch of short Q&A sessions to learn more about Oralift

How does Oralift work answered in less than 2 minutes!

First in a series of Q&A videos by the Oralift team



January 2021: BREXIT chaos

Much to our dismay we discovered that our shipments to Europe were being subjected to long delays. Some of our orders to Italy and Spain are still in transit and understandably our customers are very upset.  European customers now have to pay VAT when they receive their packages, but should not have to pay duty as Oralift is manufactured in the UK.

We hope the backlog clears up soon and that we can find a way to move forward with European orders.



1st January 2021

Oralift on CW Las Vegas

Oralift coverage with leading Las Vegas aesthetician Jane Mann



December 2020

Oralift on Fox 2 News

Oralift coverage on Fox News

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