Cathy's Story - Treatment in progress - Oralift
After 1 month
Cathy has only been using Oralift for a month and for quite short periods as she experienced signs of overuse. However we can already see that the corners of her mouth are lifting up and her face is looking more relaxed. She is gradually increasing her wear time now.



Black and white filter

Here we can clearly see the uplifting of the soft tissues of the face.

Cathy’s Story

My accident took place about 30 years ago,  I had a full grown labrador retriever,  80 poundsish, and we were playing with a tennis ball.  He ran back to me, and jumped up colliding with me (his head, my nose). I can tell you, the impact was so intense that it almost knocked me out cold.  Most of the impact was on the bridge of my nose, and that’s where I experienced the most swelling.   I was able to get an appointment with an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor the following day, as I was concerned that I had broken something. He did xrays, checked me completely, saying that I had lots of swelling,  probably some tiny broken bones and damaged cartilage.  He told me to give it some time, and once the swelling went down, that we’d evaluate doing surgery to go in and make repairs.  Well, I adapted to mouth breathing,  the swelling went down, however, the nasal passage never really opened beyond about 20% usage. I found out from several friends that the surgery was a messy,  painful surgery,  (sometimes leaving your nose bridge modified externally) therefore I decided to forego it since my body had adapted to my new circumstances.  

Enter ORALIFT.. as I mentioned in our conversation,  I primarily purchased your product to help with the horrible daytime mouth clench that I developed during COVID lockdown. I have excellent teeth, that I choose to keep as long as possible, and wanted to address this problem before I started grinding.  I’ve also read that there’s many great side effects that could not be reported because of regulations.  That, and of course, the recommendation of the product by Christine Byer, who has built a great following because of her trustworthiness.  I fitted both devices, and went through the initial touch test.  That evening,  I began to notice something happening with an increase in my ability to breathe through my nose.  i began my initial wear day on 12/25, and after both of those wearings, I’ve had about 95% use of my nasal passages.  Unfortunately, I do not have documented medical testing on a device,  however,  my husband is a retired MD and can attest that I now sleep by using nasal breathing,  which has not been the case for decades.  

Your amazing creation,  has given me a miracle in my life. 




The smile

Cathy’s smile looks more attractive even after just a month.




The eyes

Here we can see how the crows feet are reducing.