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Cher’s story – Cherllynn Manson known as Cher from Yoga Girlsworld on YouTube wanted to try Oralift

4 months later
Cher's amazing ten minutes results have continued! Her skin especially under the eyes, looks so much smoother and her eyes look bigger and brighter. Cher, like so many of our users, may look back on her "before" pictures and say it must have been taken on a "bad" day.
After 10 min
2 weeks
1 month later
4 months later

 4 month results.

The 4 month results show the initial improvement has been maintained. Reversal of the aging triangle is shown by the uplift in the cheeks, reduction in the width of the lips and the corners of the eyes have lifted too.

Smiling pictures in black and white

The more attractive smile is related to the improvement in the skin, wrinkles, and the eyes.  The uplift of the cheeks also contributes to the more attractive smile. The smile is not just about the lips and teeth.


One Month Results

We were going to show the 2 weeks results but the picture was not very clear. When taking pictures it is important to use the same camera, same position, same lighting and making sure the camera lens is clean. The reduction in wrinkles and the change in face shape are very clear. The aging triangle is starting to reverse. Slight signs of overuse on the forehead ( wrinkles looking worse on forehead), therefore it is important not to try and race towards the 1 hour maximum wear time. More is not always better!


Reduction of wrinkles

There is reduction of wrinkles on both sides of Cher’s face. Usually there is one side of the face that shows more wrinkles than the other. This is also true in Cher’s case but both sides are showing improvement. The areas under the eyes are particularly impressive.

Amazing 10 minutes result

How can Oralift be so effective after just 10 minutes? Facial muscles start to adapt to form a new freeway space as soon as the Oralift is worn. This process means some muscles have to lengthen and some to shorten. Muscles are deprogrammed and this process means more oxygen and blood flow to the muscles. This also causes a stretch on the facial skin. This stretch and increased volume due to increased blood flow to the muscles results in a change in face shape and reduction in wrinkles, clearly seen here

Black and White 10 min result

The black and white pictures show the changes even more clearly.

Closeup of the right cheek

It is clear to see how the wrinkles look much better.

An Italian user once told Dr Mohindra ‘I don’t always follow your wear guidelines, but always wear your device while putting on my make up before I go out.’

You can understand why!

The Smile

Even the smiling face looks more attractive after 10 minutes.

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