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Mary’s Oralift journey starts March 2022

4 months later
Mary's skin improvements continued after her 10 minutes result. These changes are due to a change in the skin structure and will last and keep improving even during her rest period.
10 minutes later
4 months later

Smiling Pictures

The smile after 4 months looks more attractive. To find out why sometimes you need to look more closely at all the features that make up the smile. This is not just the teeth and the lips but the skin, the eyes and the whole face

Smiling pictures in black and white

These pictures show the improvement in the skin more clearly. The skin on the neck is also improved. Tooth display has changed slightly although the width of the smiles in the two pictures is practically the same.

Close up in B&W

The close up shows that the tip of the nose has lifted. Another sign of the reversal of the aging process.

Side view from the right.

This shows improvement in the jaw line and the slightly forward position of the chin. This makes the profile look much better

Side view in B&W

The changes can be seen more clearly. Here we can also see the improvement in the skin.

This series of pictures will track Mary’s progress over the months to come.

Black and white pictures

The black and white pictures show more clearly how the muscles have adapted and changed the shape of the face. The changes are subtle but very significant

Look at the lines at the corner of her right eye and below her left eye.


As we know the smile changes as we age . The corners of the mouths do not lift up as they did in youth and tooth display changes. Here you can see even just after 10 min the smile looks better.

Black and white


The black and white pictures show this more clearly

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