Oralift For Professionals

Mandy didn’t want to look as though she’d had surgery, so wanted to try Oralift.

After 4 months
We saw that after just 10 minutes, the skin looked smoother, perhaps due to increased blood supply. In a recent study done by a leading cosmetic scientist, it was shown that physiology starts to change as soon as Oralift is worn. We saw that after two weeks the lips looked fuller, jowls on both sides had lifted up and the skin looked even smoother. Now after 4 months, the jawline is looking much more defined, symmetry of the smile is improving and the width of the nose appears narrower.
After 10 minutes
After 2 weeks
After 4 months




Black and white 4 months

In the black and white pictures you can see after 4 months the skin looks smoother, especially on the forehead.

The smile

We can see an improvement to the symmetry of the smile. Although the right corner of the mouth still lifts more than the left, it is not lifting as much as it did before. Asymmetry will continue to improve over the years with the use of Oralift.

Black and white side view

Side view pictures show the head posture has improved, you can see this by looking at the angle at the back of the neck. You can also see how much better the jawline looks, much more defined.

Black and white

These pictures show how the width of nose now appears slightly narrower than before, the skin on the forehead looks smoother making the smile look better.


Black and white pictures

In the black and white images, you can see the skin looks clearer. Perhaps the corner of the right eye has lifted up.

The smile

The corners of the mouth are more lifted, the shape of the smile has changed to a more c shape, indicating a lifting up of soft tissues of the face. The eyes becoming more symmetrical.

The skin

In the smiling black and white pictures the skin looks much smoother.

Mandy’s 10 minute results

The skin is smoother but the biggest improvement seems to be the increase in volume due to muscle hypertrophy and increased blood volume to the head and neck.

Black and white pictures

As usual, the black and white pictures show the changes more clearly.

Skin texture

You can see the skin texture improving and appearing more smooth already.

Under eye lines

The lines under the eyes have decreased significantly in 10 minutes.

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