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Jodylynn’s story started- December 13th 2021

2 years after
Here we can see Jodylynn' s results after 2 years of using Oralift. The eyes even after two years, you can see how the corners have lifted up ( reversal of the aging triangle and they look much bigger and brighter
10 minutes
1 month later
6 weeks
4 months later
1 year after
2 years after



Black and white smile

Jodylynn’s skin is visibly clearer and pores less visible. Her face continues to have a more pleasing shape. The lower teeth are no longer visible in her smile.

The skin

After 2 years the skin has continued to improve and is looking clearer, brighter and much smoother overall. The corners of the eyes and cheeks remain lifted. Although Jodylynn is slightly looking downwards in the before picture, you can see how much brighter and wider the eyes are now looking.

The neck

The improvements to the jawline and ‘Turkey Neck’ are maintained and continue to look good. The jowls are also still looking very good at the 2 year point.

The 1 year results show how the improvements carried on in the rest period. Jodylynn said: “I feel like I’m maintaining the shape of my face even with the 4-month break. Especially my turkey neck. I believe this will be a device that everyone will need! Love it!”

Black and White pictures

These show how the aging triangle has reversed, corners of the eyes, cheeks, corners of the mouths and jowls have all lifted. Skin looks much smoother.

1 year smile

The smile looks even better than at the 4 month stage. Skin improvement shows wrinkles are less around eyes, and the brighter eyes and the smoother skin all help to make the smile look better.

Profile from left side

The improvement in jaw and neckline have continued in the rest period. Jaw line is firmer. The ‘Turkey Neck’ gone! The skin looks greatly improved.

Profile in Black & White

Black and white pictures as usual show the changes more clearly.

4 Month results

Jodylynn’ s  cheeks have lifted up and her eyes look much brighter and more alert. Her face does not look longer. This should be reassuring to those who are concerned that a long face could look longer with the use of Oralift.  If you see the series of pictures above you see that a trend has been taking place since she started her Oralift journey.

Phenotype aging Biomarkers

Biological age of a person can be measured in a number of ways: blood tests, saliva tests and tests done to measure physical and mental ability.

Recent studies have shown that the slope of the eyes, the width of the nose and lips and the distance between the nose and the top of the lip are also good indicators of biological age. In Jodylynn’ s case the slope of the eyes has changed and you can see how the corners of the eyes have lifted.

Improvement in neck and jawline.

The improvements in the neck and jawline are quite remarkable. If you just try to change the position of your head, the neck can look worse. Here however, the head posture has improved and the neck and jawline despite this have also improved.

The smile

As we age the downward migration of the soft tissues means that our smile is affected too. The corners do not lift up and the lower teeth show more and the top teeth less. Here you can see this trend is being reversed. The smile is not just about the teeth and lips – the glowing skin,  sparkling eyes and the cheeks all contribute to an attractive smile. Here you can see an improvement in all of these,  making Jodylynn’ s smile  more attractive.

This series of pictures will track Jodylynn’s progress over the months to come

Black and white filter

The black and white filter allows the changes to be seen more clearly. The reversal of the aging triangle as seen in the colour version can be seen more clearly. The corners of the eyes are lifting, cheeks are lifting, corners of the mouth are lifting and jowls are also lifting.

Improvement in the smile

When looking at the smile we need to look at the whole face, not just at the teeth and lips. We can see the aging effect on the smile is being changed- less lower teeth showing and the corners of the mouth showing an uplift. The improvements in the eyes and the face make the smile more attractive.

Side View

The side view shows how the jawline is becoming more defined and the head posture is improving. This in turn is making the profile more attractive- the chin does not seem to be as far back.

Signs of overuse?

Jodylynn’s black and white pictures show the results more clearly, the improvements in the eyes, lips and jawline. However, a slight frown line on the forehead has appeared. Muscles respond very quickly but skin can take a little longer. There are also signs next to the nose where the pores look a little worse. The overall texture of the skin looks much improved. We will continue to monitor Jodylynn’s progress.


The Smile


The improvements noticed at one month are continuing. The reversal of the aging triangle is now reflected in the fact that the lower teeth are showing even less.

Smile in Black and White


Here in addition to the tooth display we can see how the skin looks smoother and the nose looks narrower.



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