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Diane’s Oralift Journey started in October 2022

4 months later
Diane has achieved excellent results after 4 months. This is the start of her Oralift journey and for years to come she will look at her before picture and realise aging gracefully is possible with Oralift. Her cheeks have lifted up, indicating a reversal of the aging triangle. The lifting up of the corners of the eyes and the lips confirm this reversal. The skin looks smoother and shows reduction in wrinkles.
3 weeks later
2 months later
3 months later
4 months later

Black and white pictures

As always, these show the changes more clearly. The wrinkles on the forehead and under the eyes have reduced. Change in face shape shows the lifting of the cheeks and reduction in jowls. The face looks more relaxed. Nasio labial folds are showing an immense improvement.

The Smile

The smile in the after picture is a slightly bigger smile but despite this the wrinkles under the eyes and at the corners of the eyes are reduced.. The overall improvement in the skin and lifting of the corners of the mouth make it a much more attractive smile

Side View

This shows the improvement in the jaw line and the improvement in the neck.

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