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The facial triangle is beautiful in your youth — your full cheeks forming the top, with your chin at the point. However, as we get older, the triangle reverses.  It’s unsettling when we realise what’s happened…….the corners of the eyes start to droop, cheeks flatten, the tip of the nose droops, the corners of the mouth droop, nasio labial folds appear and jowls form. Gravity is at work, but also facial bones and facial muscles are changing. The base of the ageing triangle is now formed by the jowls and the tip of the triangle is now formed by the nose.
Aesthetics experts used to believe that this facial ageing was mainly a sagging of the soft tissues of the face, caused by gravity. Recent research has shown that facial bones are also involved in facial ageing. As we grow older, the facial muscles thin down. This puts less strain on the bones, causing the bones to become weaker.

In addition, the area between the nose and chin of your face decreases. This loss is a major contributor to facial ageing. The skin around the face and neck will sag.

Non-surgical solution to reverse signs of ageing

Surgery was once the only answer to reverse the triangle. However, it was not a long term solution as the soft tissues would sag again.
Today we have a non-surgical solution – the Oralift facial rejuvenation device. This device can reverse the triangle and seems to reverse the ageing process. The Oralift device can produce dramatic results if significant lower facial height has been lost.

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