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Teeth grinding (bruxism) is a problem that many people experience throughout their entire lives. It generally occurs as an unconscious reaction to stressful situations.

There are many treatments to help with this habit, most of which involve wearing a splint at night. This can help in some cases but does not always stop the habit as patients can start to clench or grind on the splint, which sometimes makes the situation worse. Clenching and grinding can cause considerable damage to teeth. These habits are also closely associated with facial pain and headaches.

There are several solutions cosmetic dentistry can provide to remedy the effects of tooth grinding but the important thing is to learn how to stop the habit of grinding. Oralift can help stop this habit. If the habit is not broken, the repair work will only have a limited life.
– Dr. N. Mohindra

Reversing Teeth Grinding Damage: What Problems Need to Be Repaired?

When your dentist offers suggestions to help in reversing teeth grinding damage, he must first look at what needs to be done. Some of the problematic issues might include:
• The loss of tooth enamel
• The loss of protection against friction and wear provided by properly shaped teeth
• Looking older with sunken-in cheeks due to the loss of tooth height

Reversing Teeth Grinding Damage: Cosmetic Bonding

Bruxism often destroys the natural look of your teeth and can result in chips and cracks in the enamel that offers protection to the teeth. Cosmetic bonding is helpful in reversing teeth grinding damage of this type by restoring the normal appearance of the teeth through specialized materials and a unique process.

Reversing Teeth Grinding Damage Involving Severe Loss of Enamel

Dental crowns are helpful in reversing teeth grinding damage that creates the loss of protection for the teeth through the destruction of most of the tooth’s enamel and height. A dental crown covers the tooth, helping to make it stronger and more resistant to dental caries. When all the teeth are involved, the Dentalfacelift treatment should be considered.

Reversing Teeth Grinding Damage Involving Darkened Teeth

Damaged teeth often lose their whiteness as the dentine becomes discoloured due to the constant stress created by bruxism, including fractures and chips. When this type of discoloration occurs, teeth whitening treatments are usually not successful. Therefore, in order to go about reversing teeth grinding damage of this nature, your dentist will most likely suggest the use of porcelain veneers for teeth that are located in the front of the mouth. The veneers restore the natural whiteness of your teeth, giving you back your smile as well.
These are the solutions to the damage caused by tooth grinding. It is important to learn how to try to stop this habit by using Oralift before you have any treatment!

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