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For millions of women worldwide, Botox treatments are their go-to treatment to fend off an ageing face in the mirror. However, there are risks with Botox – like “frozen face” from too many treatments.
That’s why women are turning to an all-natural “lift”. Meghan Markle’s natural approach to beauty has also inspired women to adopt a more natural look. This can be achieved with Oralift!
We all have friends who seem to defy the ageing process. How can they look so youthful, with such smooth skin, at THEIR age?
Is it genetics?
Have they had WORK done?
Round after round of BOTOX treatments?
Women (and men) have turned to Botox for the past decade. It’s the “easy” way to treat wrinkles, say the advertisers.
However, a major survey recently found that 3 in 4 Botox users would prefer a pain-free alternative. They are tired of all the skin pricks! Besides, there are risks with Botox – which you might not realise.

“Botox Face” and Other Risks

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxic protein that, in small doses, can provide cosmetic and medical relief. This toxin works by relaxing muscle contractions and blocking nerve impulses. It is commonly used for mini facelifts as it reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

The main cause of concern is the repeated Botox treatments. The effects of Botox last several weeks but then require repeated treatment for the results to continue.

Your muscles begin to get trained from the Botox injections, so there is less recurrence of wrinkles. However, some people become “addicted” to Botox and repeat the treatments so often that their faces actually become “frozen” in appearance.

If you are looking to treat a specific condition and you don’t abuse the Botox treatment by overusing it, you may get the effect you want. But beware the risk of Botox addiction – and the cost of all those treatments.

Natural Alternative

Today we have a non-surgical solution – the Oralift Facial Rejuvenation device. This device helps to address the ageing process naturally. With a device like this, you will always look good for your age!

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