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Having healthy body muscles is a key factor in anti ageing and age related diseases and why we are constantly being advised to take exercise. However, we sometimes forget about our facial muscles. We are finding that wearing the Oralift device has a far reaching effect and not just on the facial muscles

Facial muscles are not the same as our body muscles…indeed research has established that there is a link in the development of craniofacial muscles and the heart muscles:

Just as we need to exercise our skeletal muscles to keep our bodies and minds healthy and youthful for as long as possible, it is also important to keep our facial muscles healthy. Unhealthy facial muscles can cause facial pain, headaches and even play a part in migraine. Facial muscles have the advantage that we do not have to physically exercise them, as they have the ability to adapt instantaneously when the Oralift device is being worn. The process of adaptation and its benefits seem to be very similar to exercise. As using Oralift also involves using the head, neck, breathing and swallowing muscles, it opens up possibilities of contributing to various elements of our health and well being.

One key benefit that has been observed in numerous Oralift users is that of improved posture. We can expect to look more stooped as we age.

Recent research has shown that the position of the lower jaw affects how the head rests on the cervical spine :

Oralift changes the position of the lower jaw when it is being worn.

It also affects the position of the tongue, so that the swallowing pattern is also affected and has to adapt. This also involves a change in the air volume and therefore the breathing muscles are also involved. At Oralift, we welcome feedback on benefits that users report to us but clearly further research needs to be done and we are committed to this.

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