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In our 50s, 60s, we look in the mirror and see it too clearly. Our eyelids are drooping, causing eyes to look smaller, less vibrant. We want our eyes to have the same “life” that once set off chemistry

If you’ve decided it’s time for a facial makeover to open your eyes….

How it sneaks up on us, the effects of facial ageing. Even in our 20s, sun damage shows itself as rough skin and tiny lines. By our 50s, wrinkles begin to appear around the lips and neck, and skin on the cheeks starts to become loose. Jowls!

That’s just the beginning! Eyelids begin to droop, causing eyes to look smaller, less vibrant. We look in the mirror, and don’t see the same person as before. We look older, less alive than we feel.

As we reach our 60s, the wrinkles deepen, eyelids droop more. Skin also becomes thinner and drier.

The surgical facelift was once the “go-to” treatment to reverse this cascade of age-related changes. It was so much to go through to “tighten things up.” And would a facelift even look natural, we wondered.

Would it really give our eyes the same “life” that once set off the chemistry?

Today, we have a natural alternative. It’s the Oralift device. There are not many treatments that can restore the vibrance and vitality to the eyes. We believe this is one of the unique benefits of Oralift!

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