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Research has shown that no face is completely symmetrical and slight asymmetry is attractive. However, as we age, asymmetry gets worse. For example, one eye can look smaller than the other eye and wrinkles on one side of the face can be worse than the other.  Correction of asymmetry of the face is given prominence in the cosmetic industry in Korea, but in this country we are just starting to realise the importance of asymmetry and more articles are starting to appear in the press.

When the Oralift device is worn in the mouth, the facial muscles are deprogrammed. These deprogrammed facial muscles seem to try to achieve the Golden Proportion on the face. It seems that Golden Proportion is built into our DNA.

What is the Golden Proportion rule?

Golden Proportion  is ubiquitous. It is found in the design of a flower, a leaf, a heartbeat, and occurs on the face as well. It is used in art and architecture and dentists use it to design the ideal smile.

On the ideal face, the distance between the eyes and the tip of the nose, and the tip of the nose  to the chin is in the golden proportion ratio of 1 to 1.618.

The distance between the eyes and the lips is also in golden proportion to the distance between the lips and the chin.

When Oralift is worn we have found that in people who have retruded chins, the chin comes forward and with protruding chins, the chin tends to go backwards. Asymmetry of the eyes can also be corrected.

Although objects in golden proportion are usually considered attractive, when it comes to facial beauty, other factors come into play as well. According to current theories of evolutionary psychology, the aesthetic appraisal of adult faces depends on various combinations of Averageness, Neoteny (babyness), Symmetry, Youthfulness, and Sexual Dimorphism.  In other words, we all know the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

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