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Tamara’s Story – starts with an excellent 10 minute result!

After 8 months
The 10 minute results showed how quickly our physiology starts to adapt to the new resting position of the jaw when Oralift is worn. After 10 minutes Tamara's eyes look brighter, lips look fuller and head posture has improved. All this due to increased volume as a result of increased blood flow and deprogramming of the head and neck muscles. Tamara started treatment 8 months ago (Nov 2022) and stopped for a while and then started again seriously in March 2023. She has had other treatments in that time, however some of the improvements achieved can only be attributed to Oralift.
10 minutes later
After 8 months

Tamara’s 8 months result

We can see the improvement in the shape of the face due to the lifting of the soft tissues and improvement in posture. The jowls have also reduced, the eyes look brighter and we can see the widening of the lips that occurs with aging has reversed.

Black and white pictures

The black and white pictures show the improvement in the shape of the face more clearly. The hooding above the eyes has improved. The wrinkles on the lips look a bit worse on the left upper lip. Could this be a sign of overuse? Wrinkles are affected by so many factors and to actually assess the difference, one has to sit in a darkened room with controlled temperature and humidity.

The smile

The smile looks much better and is due to the uplift of the soft tissues, resulting in the corners of the mouth lifting up more and the increased display of the upper teeth. The eyes play a part in the smile too as they look brighter.


The uplift of the soft tissues shows in the angle of the wrinkles at the corner of the eyes and you can see this angle has changed and lifted. The wrinkles have slightly reduced in length.

Black and white 10 minute result

Black and white pictures show the results more clearly.

Close up of left eye

Close up of the left eye shows improved hooding, possibly due to improvement in the muscles around the eye. The  reduced wrinkles would be due to increased volume. Skin changes however, can take much longer.

Right eye

Similar changes have taken place on the right eye. Usually one side shows better results than the other but here both sides are showing similar improvements.


The Smile

The smile is much better, more upper teeth showing – due to the reversal of the aging triangle or just postural change or both?


The Smile in black and white

Reduction in wrinkles more obvious in the B&W pictures.

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