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Sue’s Story

After 7 Years
Sue has been using Oralift for a number of years now and is one of our Oralift advisors on the Oralift team.

No signs of ageing even after 7 years

The important aspect to remember here what would Sue would have looked like if she had not been using Oralift.

At 45 Sue looked good for her age but was starting to develop the slightly sad look that comes with ageing.

Seven years later, her nasio labial folds look better, her eyes look brighter and larger and her cheeks look fuller instead of flattening with age. We have to remember that this is seven years later!

2 Years
3 Years
4 Years
5 Years
6 years
After 7 Years

Oralift programme

As you can see Sue’s improvement continued over time. Remember that the ongoing programme with Oralift is only for two months wear twice a year.



The black and white pictures highlight the improvements after 7 years.

The eyes, which look bigger as they are not so sunken and have less hooding.
The nasio labial folds are less and again, remember this is after seven years!


When you look at the two photographs, they are of an attractive young woman but one is seven years older. Nevertheless, the picture of the older woman is undeniably more attractive. The improvements achieved by Oralift encouraged Sue to have a smile makeover but she has had no other treatment on her face.

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