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Roos’s Story – used Oralift for nearly a year now (May 2022)

After 1 year
The youthful look achieved by using Oralift has delighted Roos. She has more lively and brighter eyes. The shape of the face shows the upward migration of the soft tissues and the eyes, nose and lips show the reversal of the phenotype aging biomarkers.
After 2 months
After 4 months
After 1 year

Black and white 1 year results

As usual the black and white pictures help to see the results more clearly. The corner of the eyes have lifted. The nose looks narrower and the lips are not as wide as before. All signs indicating the biological age perhaps is being affected too. Health and Beauty go hand in hand

The Smile

The corners of the mouth lift up more than before and the eyes look much better, not so sunken in and the lines around them are not so pronounced.

The Eyes

The enlarged picture of the eyes show how much the lines around the eyes have improved

Black and white filter

The black and white filter shows the face shape change even more clearly and you can see the reduction in nasio – labial folds. The eyes look much brighter and more open.

Recent studies have shown that the slope of the eyes, the width of the nose and lips and the distance between the nose and the top of the lip are good indicators of biological age. In Roos’s case the width of the nose and lips, and the distance between the nose and the top of the lip have all decreased. Indication of reduction in biological age?


More attractive smile


The improvement in the smile is related to change in face shape, improvement in the eyes and the corners of the mouth lifting up more  and changing the smile window

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