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Renee Brown’s Story

2 months later
After 2 months of using Oralift, Renee commented that she found it difficult to recognise the changes. We offered to do a review of her photographs and posted them in our Facebook group. Renee was astounded by the responses from the group members. When you look at yourself every day it is sometimes difficult to notice the changes. Everyone agrees that Renee's changes have been remarkable.
2 months later

Black and White pictures

These show how the eyes, cheeks and the corners of the mouth have lifted – indicating the reversal of the aging triangle. These can also be seen in the colour pictures but the black and white pictures show more clearly how the skin has improved – less visible pores and texture much smoother.


Colour pictures from a distance.

It is not always a good idea to look at close ups of the pictures. Here we can see a more relaxed face and also an improvement in the neck.

Smiling pictures

Although the smile in the after picture is a slightly bigger smile, you can see how the smile looks better, the wrinkles at the corners of the eyes look less and the neck looks much smoother.

Black and white pictures

These show that the improvement in the smile is also associated with the improvement in the skin. We must remember the smile is not just about the teeth and lips but the whole face . See how much straighter the eyes are.

Side view from the left

This shows the improvement in the neck more clearly, but the chin is still slightly protruded. Let us see what the next two months wearing the 5mm device will achieve

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