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Nodlaig’s Story

After 4 years
Nodlaig was happy with the general improvements to her face and these results after 4 years show a more relaxed and youthful Nodlaig.
After 1 month
After 4 months
After 1 year
After 2 years
After 4 years

Here we can see that the 2nd picture in this series, which was taken only 1 month after Nodlaig started to use Oralift, is already showing much improvements to the face. Oralift started to work quickly and the improvements were not only maintained but continued over the next 4 years.

Oralift programme

Remember that after the initial 4 months of wearing Oralift, the ongoing programme only involves using the device twice a year for two months.



The smile

Nodlaig was also delighted with the improvement to her smile. Tooth whitening and straightening the teeth with orthodontics are the usual methods to improve smiles and Nodlaig had considered these in the past. But Oralift had rejuvenated her face and her smile. A smile is not only about lips and teeth. When Nodlaig cheeks were lifted up and her eyes had regained her youthful sparkle, the effect of this on her smile were so significant that she no longer considered orthodontics and tooth whitening.



Close up of the smile

Here we can see in detail how the corners of the mouth have lifted up and the tooth display has changed. As we age, the sagging of the soft tissues of the face result in the top teeth showing less and the lower teeth showing more. As you can see, this has reversed with the use of Oralift. The whole shape of the smile has changed from being straight to a more pleasing “C” shape.

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