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Lindsey’s Story – Blogger and pageant queen Lindsey Oden started using Oralift in June 2022

4 months later
The process of adaptation is continuing to work. Subtle changes but significant. Eyes and lips look better. Corners of eyes lifted and lips fuller. Nose slightly narrower and skin smoother. All indications of reversal of the aging process.
10 minutes later
2 weeks later
After 2 months
4 months later

Black and white 4 month results


Black and white pictures as usual show the results better. Would the use of 5mm device give even better results?

Close up of the eyes

Close up of the eyes shows the uplift of the corners.


Close up of the nose

Close up of nose shows how it does not look so wide

Profile after 4 months

Profile looks better. Chin more forward and lips more formed

Close up of chin and lips

Close up of the chin shows it is in a slightly more forward position and the lips look more defined

Black and white pictures

As usual the black and white pictures show the changes more clearly. The cheeks look lifted slightly fuller. We will wait and see what the next two months can do for this attractive girl.

Right side view

The two month pictures show the jawline a bit firmer and the neck tighter and the cheeks more lifted. Altogether a nicer profile

Black and White pictures

Once again we see that the black and white pictures show more clearly how the face shape is affected by the deprogrammed muscles and the aging triangle is starting to reverse.


The width of the lips is reduced as the aging triangle is being reversed.

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