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Linda’s Story

After 8 months
After 8 months (4 months wear and 4 months rest), we can see how Linda’s aging triangle has reversed. The corners of the eyes have lifted, the eyes look brighter, cheeks look higher, nose slightly narrower, lines at the corners of the mouth have lifted up. Nasio labial folds are less deep and the marionette folds have reduced. These improvements were at the top of Linda's "wish list". We can also see a change in her skin colour. We have found that skin colour does lighten with Oralift, whereas usually facial skin darkens as we age. To be sure that the change in skin colour is not due to lighting, it is important to have a whole series of pictures.

Black and white filter

The black and white filter shows that the nasio labial and marionette folds were worse on Linda’s right side. The improvement on the right side in the after picture is much greater.

Most people’s faces are asymmetrical and research has shown that as we age the worst side deteriorates more. The deprogramming of the facial muscles allows the worse side to improve more, hence the greater improvement on Linda’s right side.

Result after 4 months rest

The important aspect here is to show the improvements that took place in the rest period. You can see how the aging triangle is still being reversed even though Linda is not wearing the Oralift. The cheeks look higher (fuller), corners of the eyes lifting, nose slightly narrower, and of course the nasio labial folds and marionette folds keep improving.

Black and white filter after 4 months rest result

Again the black and white filter shows these continuing improvements more clearly and we can see an improvement in the neck too. Linda is ready to start her next wear period.

Here you can see that the posture improvement that occurs very early when Oralift is first used has been maintained even after 9 months. The forward head posture and the rounded shoulders ( kyphosis) have improved. The usual way to improve head posture is through exercise, but with Oralift this happens naturally and very quickly.

The black and white show the improvement more clearly.

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