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Jill’s Story

After 8 years
Jill's skin continued to look refreshed and smoother even after 8 years.
2 months
5 months
11 months
18 months
5 years
After 8 years

Oralift programme

As you can see Jill’s improvement continued over time. Remember that the ongoing programme with Oralift is only for two months wear twice a year.




Black and white filter

The black and white pictures illustrates that the improvement in the nasio-labial and marionette folds have been maintained even after 8 years, and Jill’s cheeks are looking higher and fuller.






Marionette folds not reappearing even after 8 years

Here we can see the above improvements in close up.




Nasio-labial folds not reappearing even after 8 years

Again, black and white pictures emphasis these improvements.




Jill’s smile after 8 years has not shown the usual signs of ageing. The dark tunnels of the corners of the mouth look less and usually we would expect to see less of the upper teeth and less of the lowers.






Black and white

The black and white pictures highlight all the improvements and again, remember this is after 8 years.

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