Oralift For Professionals

Jane’s story

After 4 months
Jane's excellent results after 2 weeks have continued. After 4 months, the biggest change that can be seen is the lower half of the face where the uplift of the soft tissues has restored her face to a more triangular shape. The symmetry has continued to improve and the nasolabial fold on her left side of the face has almost gone.
after 10 minutes
After 2 weeks
After 4 months

Black and white four month results

The black and white pictures show how the left side of her face used to be lower than the right but the face is more symmetrical now.

Smile pictures

The smiles are not quite the same but the eyes look more open.

Black and white pictures

These show how the cheeks have lifted giving a more triangular shape to the lower half of the face indicating a reversal of the aging triangle. Tip of the nose has also lifted and the neck looks smoother.

Skin on the left side

Here you can see the skin on the left side of the face has improved with fewer open pores and the lines under the eyes have reduced.

The Smile


Smoother skin and perhaps an  improved head posture makes the smile look more attractive.

Black and white pictures

These show that the ‘Oralift magic’ has started to work. Lips look fuller and cheeks look lifted

Close up of lips

Close up of lips shows the increase in volume more clearly. What other natural treatment can increase lip volume in such a short time?

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