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Denise’s Story

After 10 months
Denise was surprised and delighted that in addition to the lines on her forehead virtually disappearing, her "wishlist" had been more than surpassed.



General improvement to the face

These pictures with the black and white filter clearly show that the ageing triangle has reversed. One of the unique aspects of Oralift treatment is that it can take away the sad, dull look of the eyes which sometimes occur with ageing. One user describes this as restoring her “vitality”.  This is clearly the case here, as Denise look revitalise. Her cheeks have lifted up and her lips look fuller.



Close up

This close up shows that in addition to the forehead lines, the lines below the eyes have lessened considerably.




Smiling pictures

When the smile improves it’s not confined to the lips and teeth. The improvements in the whole face make the smile look so much more attractive.



Black and white filter

These photographs highlight every improvement in the facial features, all of which contribute to Denise’s lovely smile.



Close up

As we age we tend to show less of our upper teeth and more of the lowers. This is because of the sagging of the soft tissues which takes place on the face. We can see clearly in Denise’s case how the tooth display has changed resulting in more of the top teeth showing and less of the bottom teeth showing in the smile.

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