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Claudia’s Story – Treatment started 12th March 2021

After 4 months
Claudia's pictures after 4 months show the change in her face shape has been maintained. Her eyes look less sunken and bigger and brighter. One interesting point is that after experiencing signs of overuse with the 5mm, she tried wearing it while meditating which had a very powerful, relaxing effect on her whole body. She plans on continuing to do this.
You can change your face shape naturally
Change in face shape after 10 minutes
After 10 minutes
After 3 weeks
After 10 weeks
After 4 months

This series of photographs shows Claudia’s progress over the first 4 months of her Oralift journey:

” I definitely see that my face is less square and has much more of an oval shape. My eyes are more open and lips are fuller.  I do think I look younger in the after pictures.”

After combining wearing Oralift with meditation Claudia is finding it much easier to wear the device and is looking forward to seeing more changes in the future.

How can I improve my face shape naturally?


Black and white filter

Black and white shows the changes more clearly. As the muscles are adapting there is increased blood flow and this seems to increase the volume on the face, the nasolabial folds look better. The eyes look more open and the sunken in look which happens as we get older is looking better. The hollow cheeks have filled up.  The wrinkles under the eyes look better. The jaw line and the forehead look smoother.

We can already see the Oralift effect as the process of adaptation, crucial to the survival of species, is starting to work its magic.

How to get a better smile naturally in 10 minutes?

Smile pictures

You can see here that the smile looks better. The wrinkles around the eyes and the nose look less deep. The corners of the mouth are lifting up more, which is the start of the reversal of the ageing triangle.

Lift my face naturally


Black and white filter

Again the black and white pictures show the above improvements more clearly. The 21st century smile makeover is starting to take place.

How to make your eyes look brighter naturally?


The eyes

The wrinkles around the eyes and nose look much less.

How to change your smile shape?


The mouth

The 21st century smile makeover is starting to take place. The corners of the mouths are starting to lift up. Again the reversal of the ageing triangle is starting to happen!

Stretch your facial muscles naturally


Wearing the Oralift device

With the appliance in the mouth , you can see the stretch on the face. In Claudia’s case the stretch is just noticeable but in other cases it can look much worse. Journalist Leah Hardy described how she looked with the device in her mouth: “I look as if I am struggling with a particularly frightening gobstopper sweet. My mouth protrudes and my eyes look round and surprised.” Remember the process of adaptation is not just about stretch, some muscles will be shortening and some stretching!

No need to massage to get stretch


Black and white

Again the beauty of the black and white filter lets us focus more easily on the changes.

These were the comments after 10 minutes: “Wow, that is really quite a difference!”

This is Claudia’s reaction to her photographs immediately after onboarding. Facial muscles adapt instantaneously as soon as the device is worn in the mouth. This is why sometimes even after 10 minutes of wearing the device, there can be quite a dramatic result. This is usually mainly due to increase blood flow to these muscles that are starting to adapt. We can see that the face shape is changing as facial muscles adapt to try and achieve golden proportion which we believe is inbuilt in our DNA. (All pictures were taken on the Oralift App).

Now we can see Claudia’s pictures after 3 weeks, where she is making excellent progress.

Black and white filter

The black and white picture clearly highlight the improvements to the eyes, lips and shape of the face.

Smiling pictures

Claudia’s eyes are starting to smile too! The space between the teeth and the corners of the lips, which dentists call “tunnels”, are much reduced.

Black and white pictures

The black and white picture highlight the change in shape of the face, vitality of the eyes and radiance of the eyes.

The improvements observed at 3 weeks have continued: the eyes still look brighter and less sunken, lips are still looking fuller and the corners of the mouth lifting up, and the face shape looks more oval.

Here we can see Claudia’s progress over 10 weeks. At 8 weeks when Claudia moved on to the 5mm device, there was a sign of overuse with her left cheek looking more hollow. This improved again when she reduced her wear time as advised in the Oralift programme. Anything that you do not like on the face should be regarded as a sign of overuse and wear time reduced. If you do experience any signs of overuse, it’s important to take photographs more regularly.…you can take as many photographs as you want with the Oralift App.

Smiling pictures

After ten weeks, we can see that the crows’ feet are still reduced but the area under the eyes is looking much smoother. Claudia’s face shape, smiling eyes and improved smile all contribute to a more radiant look.

Black and white filter

As usual, the black and white pictures emphasise the changes.

Black and white filter

These black and white pictures illustrate the more oval face shape, less sunken eyes, fuller and more symmetrical lips and slightly narrower nose ( the nose tends to widen as we get older).

Changing the filter of pictures can sometimes show certain changes more clearly. Here, the improvement in the sunken eyes is emphasised.

The eyes

Sometimes, it helps to enlarge certain facial features, as we have done here with the eyes, to show that they have become less sunken.

The lips

Again, this enlarged picture of the lip shows they have become fuller and more symmetrical.

The smile

Here we can see the reduction in wrinkles around the eyes when Claudia is smiling.

The black and white pictures show this more clearly.


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